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[转帖] Can Aonana really skip the African Cup in 2024?

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    Original Title: Can Onena really skip the African Cup in 2024?热议资讯

    Can Aonana really skip the African Cup in 2024?Answer

    As a substitute for David De Gea, Andre Ouna's career in Manchester United is a mess.

    Although he maintained six games in the Premier League, the Cameroon goalkeeper also made a lot of bad mistakes, and these errors paid the Red Devils.

    It is reported that Ouna may actually decide to skip the African National Cup that will be held in January, focusing on his career in Manchester United.

    However, doing so may actually bring some major trouble to FIFA and the Cameroon Football Association.

    The FIFA rules stipulate: "The players who are called by the association as one of their teams, unless the relevant associations have the consent, have no right to play for his registered club during its efficacy.Plus five days of additional period. "

    This means that if ONAN was called by Cameroon during the African Cup, he would not be able to play a legal effect on Manchester United.If he decides to violate the rules, the goalkeeper will obviously face the suspension.

    The Red Devil is unlikely to stop the goalkeeper from playing on behalf of his national team, and Altaya Eindir is a reliable choice.

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