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[转帖] The list of the second batch of Shandong Sports Tourism Demonstration Base was announced

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    Notice on publishing the list of the second batch of Shandong Sports Tourism Demonstration Base

    Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau,热门新闻 Sports (Education and Sports) Bureau:

    According to the requirements of the "National Sports Tourism Demonstration Base Identification Work Plan" and "Evaluation Standards for the Shandong Provincial Sports Tourism Demonstration Base" (trial), the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and the Provincial Sports Bureau will conduct the application materials of the provincial sports tourism demonstration base reported by the provincial sports bureausThe preliminary review and organized experts to conduct a meeting review. After no objection, it was decided to name the 16 application units including Jinan Jinxiangshan Ski Resort as the second batch of Shandong Sports Tourism Demonstration Base.

    Each demonstration base should take this evaluation as an opportunity to continuously enrich product connotation, launch market -recognized product lines, create well -known brands, and effectively play a leading role in demonstration.The cultural and tourism and sports departments of various cities should improve their ideological awareness, establish a coordinated promotion mechanism, study and formulate policies and measures, increase guidance work, and promote the healthy and orderly development of sports tourism in our province.

    Shandong Provincial Culture and Tourism Department

    Shandong Provincial Sports Bureau

    December 18, 2023

    List of the second batch of Shandong Sports Tourism Demonstration Base

    Jinan City

    Jinan Jinxiangshan Ski Resort


    Qingdao Tiantai Hot Spring Resort

    Golden Beach Beer City


    Wuyang Lake Water Sports Base

    Zaozhuang City

    Flying town in the depth of the cloud

    Jining City

    Green Xinchun Ecological Manor

    Yuanxiang left bank

    Tai'an City

    Taishan Tianyi Lake Scenic Area


    Dongpu Bay Scenic Area

    Weihai Tangbo Hot Spring Tourist Resort

    Rizhao City

    Heihu Mountain shooting sports town

    Stationed in Longshan Sports Park

    Linyi City

    Hongshi Village Tourist Area, Yinan County


    Quancheng Oulaburg Resort

    Chat cities

    Dongchang Lake Leisure Sports Park

    Binzhou City

    Xincheng Rural Ecological Tourism Area

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