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    Jiefang Daily · Shangguan News reporter learned from the Office of the Shanghai Urban Renewal Leading Group that in 2023,时事热点 the "two old and one village" transformation in Shanghai completed the annual goal of the year one month in advance, of which 123,000 square meters were completed, 4084 household residents benefited; The renovation of the old housing, including Xiaoliang thin sheet, completed 296,000 square meters, and 10 projects in the urban village renovation started.

    The bottom line of people's livelihood is not enough to reflect all.In 2022, the 30 -year -old film was officially ended, and Shanghai entered the "two old and one village" transformation stage.The old reform of the film was once the most prominent in the city's livelihood debt. For this reason, Shanghai broke through the levels and broke through difficulties, and accumulated many advanced experiences.However, these experiences cannot be simply moved to the "two old villages", and the latter face the stage of urban development, objective transformation conditions, and individual demands of residents.Qi Minxiang's short board.

    At the beginning of 2023, the "improvement of the quality of the living environment" with the "two old villages" as the main body was included in the six major actions of Shanghai City Update.After joint exploration of urban areas, in just one year, many different types of residential renewal pilots emerged, and the threshold of the front of the front was set aside.

    Do not cut it in one sword

    Urban renewal is both a popular project and a development project.The reconstruction project of Xiaowan Village in Tangzhen, Pudong has achieved liquidation. At the beginning of the new year, the signing rate of residents has reached 100%.As residents are about to move into the bright new house, their hometown has also been placed on the blueprint of the city's future technology industry development to write new history.

    The reporter learned from the Shanghai Housing and Construction Committee that as a case of demonstration demonstration in the city in the city, Xiaowan Village is a rare city village reconstruction project with industrial and residential attributes in the city, and will explore the development of regional industrial development.

    The current situation of Xiaowan Village is similar to the development process of many villages in the city: In the rapid development of the city, the villages with superior geographical location are in an awkward situation.The residents' willingness to transform is very strong.When solving the problem of people's settlement, the planning of the small bay village area is gradually clarified. It will give full play to the advantages of the location and build a municipal smart terminal manufacturing base industrial park on the release of one million square meters of industrial land.

    To meet the needs of multi -level, high -quality people's livelihood, and continue to control people's livelihood depression, Shanghai is creating a wealth of mechanism supply.In addition to the reconstruction of Xiaowan Village, which is guided by the industrial project, the sporadic old reform project of Baochang Road, Qingyun Road, Jing'an District also considers the input and output balance, improved the living conditions, and supplement public service shortcomings through group development and overall design.Multiple goals; the reconstruction project of Zhaojiachengzhuli City in Minhang District is cooperated with rural collective economic organizations and professional market entities to shorten the transformation cycle.

    Fanmeng, Jing'an District, has gone through major measures for each stage of Shanghai to improve the living conditions of people's livelihood since the founding of New China.As early as 1964, Fan Gua Nong explored the first batch of residential residential areas that were relocated, and ushered in new life after more than 60 years of high -intensity use.As the largest "small beam thin sheet" reconstruction project in Shanghai in 2023, Fan Gua explores the formation of the front -line gathered law, one household and one -regulatory method, party member leading method, collective identity method, comparison of mind, group service law, key figure law law, key figure law,The "Eight Laws of Old Housing Reconstruction" and other "old housing renovation" and not only provide experience for other old housing renovation, but also were included in the 2023 world city -Japanese city construction and development case exhibition.Taking this as a window, Shanghai provides a replicable and promoted experience for the sustainable development of global cities.

    In the past century, Rainhangkou Ruikangli is a historical and cultural style protecting the neighborhood. It is also Shanghai's first "government led and enterprise operation; residents participation and guarantee independence; diverse forms, compatible rental and sales;"Quality" "sustainable innovation city update model project.In the reconstruction, the Ruikangli project that does not belong to the scope of the collection is proposed to replace the retirement (monetization resettlement), the physical resettlement of different places, the repurchase of the original land to build a house, and the rented land to build a house.Choose a solution that suits you to achieve the purpose of improving life.

    Incorporate the concept of development of the style

    Combined with the needs of urban development, the new concept is also injected.For example, the transformation of the village in the city has been separated from the simple real estate development path, and it is necessary to retain the urban context as much as possible according to the "retention, reform, and dismantling" ideas, and its transformation threshold and difficulty have been greatly improved.

    Each renovation will inspire people's discussions on the protection and development of historical heritage.The urban renewal project represented by the dragon world has stepped out of a new road to revival in the old district.As the first demonstration project and an excellent transformation project in Shanghai's first batch of urban village reconstruction projects, the first completion and opening of the industry, the Chengzhong Village Reconstruction Project of Pinglong Town combines Chengzhongcun Reconstruction with the construction of the new city, and the protection of historic and cultural towns to build to create to create a building to build to build to create a building to build a famous town.Out of the new landmark of Xi Hongqiao, the dragon world.

    From the previous planning to operation and maintenance, development companies attach great importance to cultural heritage and heritage protection.For example, check historical materials in the preliminary surveys, and invite more than 30 experts to study to tap the history of the ancient town.Planning and design protection and continuing the core area of the ancient town and the texture and texture, cultural security buildings and cultural protection points, historical buildings and historical environments.

    During the architectural design stage, three types of protection strategies are adopted: protective transformation of historical buildings, that is, repairing old buildings; ancient buildings of historical buildings combined with new facade design, that is, retaining the characteristics of historical buildings and integrating modern architectural materials, repairRe -use; draw on the artisticization of Jiangnan Fengyun to handle the new architectural form, highlight the style of Jiangnan architecture outside, and use international vision to reshape the human history space.In the end, the historical elements of Panlong Village, the texture of the town, and the marks of people's activity, and then created in the contemporary background to shape the "Ten Scenic Scenery" in the modern context.

    Compared with the Township of Pinglong, there are more historical style texture in the 800 -year -old history of Zhaojiahulou City, Pujiang Town, and is exploring a road to renewal the needs of local residents and tourism.Tao Xingwei, Secretary of the Party Committee of Pujiang Town, Minhang District, said that the ancient town of calling Jialou will achieve a win -win interest in the interests of diversified subjects. On the one hand, it is necessary to allow the indigenous people to live livable, including comprehensive house transformation, public facilities support, improve tourism, entertainment and leisure, etc.Function.On the other hand, through the integration of investment, design, construction, and operation, the use of ancient construction and revitalization, ecological environment rectification, ancient town spatial replenishment, industrial introduction and other means, based on the characteristics of ancient town characteristics, create a new highlight of cultural tourism, improve tourists' experience experience experience, Improve the level of urban services.

    Explore the normalization and progressive organic update

    In the long run, with the gradual completion of the large -scale collection and transformation of Shanghai, the improvement of the quality of the living environment will be more focused on the organic update of normal, gradual, and small -scale.Micro -update and installation of elevators to meet the diversified and personalized needs of residents in the new stage.

    Since the 1980s, old housing, which was incorporated into the renovation of old communities in Shanghai, has begun to promote the implementation in various forms. Most communities have implemented one to two rounds of transformation.The reporter learned from the Shanghai Housing Management Bureau that in recent years, the scale of Shanghai's annual transformation is about 10 million square meters. With the evolution of the society, the old community is still being injected into new connotations and new mission.

    Hongkou District Guyuan Community launched a comprehensive transformation project of "Beautiful Homeland+Castle and Slash". By combining the "Beautiful Homeland" transformation, the elevator was installed to avoid secondary construction.Through the superposition of the two engineering projects, the public parts and migration pipelines are transformed together, saving construction costs, and also reduced the impact of the lives of residents, and promoted the installation of elevators to run out of "acceleration".

    Fengnanyi Village, Yangpu District was built in the 1950s. As the "Shanghai Urban Update Regulations", the city's largest old housing demolition project was taken into effect, and the record continued to refresh the record. In the end, it was 95 days in advance.Three "100 %" of the house.The people who live here in 1813 are about to move into a new home. At that time, the original site of Fengnan Yicun will be erected 8 high -rise houses from 20 to 26 floors.

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