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[转帖] The 13 -game winning streak of original Shanghai Sports was ended, and the first promotion of the group still avoided Tianjin

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    Original title: Shanghai Sports 13 consecutive victories was ended,突发新闻 and the first promotion of the group avoided Tianjin

    On December 19, the first stage of the Sports Super League ushered in the final battle.In the focus of the top name of Group B, the five games in Shanghai Sports were on the away game.The first taste of the new season.

    In the first stage, the two teams scored 13 wins and 1 loss, but with the advantages of the bureau, the Shanghai team pressed the Jiangsu team to the second stage of the competition with the group name.

    The Shanghai -Soviet War the night before was the new ranking of the two teams in the next stage.For the two teams, whoever can appear in the group is the first to avoid the popular Tianjin Sports before the finals.In the seventh round of the league, Shanghai Sports defeated the opponent 3-0 and had the leading advantage.In other words, as long as the Shanghai team won the first game, the Shanghai team can be available in the first name. The Jiangsu team needs to win the victory and "zero seal" opponent.

    In this game, Jiangsu Sports made adjustments in the first second pass. The teenager Sun Yan replaced Diao Linyu, who was in a state of downturn, and Shanghai Sports continued the previous lineup.Unlike the "one side" situation when playing against the last time, the two teams in this campaign showed their due level.

    In the first game, the two teams started very fiercely at the beginning of the start stage, and the scores were always bitten.After the war until 9-9, Shanghai Sports began to make efforts in the serve. Xue Yizhi continuously jumped to serve and broke the new Jiangsu sports pass, which blocked the opponent's offense.At the same time, the offensive line relied on Zhong Hui and Gao Yi to play the ball one after another, playing a wave of climax, and the Shanghai team quickly opened the gap and took a city with 25 to 13.

    When the group's first name appeared, Jiangsu Sports had a battle of water and was determined to "revenge" at home.Relying on national players Wu Mengjie and Gong Xiangyu, they played well and pulled back two games.

    The climax of this game occurred in the fourth game. In the case of 1 to 2, the coach Wang Zhiteng, coach of Shanghai Sports, made personnel adjustments, and successively replaced the bench teasers such as Chen Houyu and Liu Zhening, exerting wonderful results.In the case of the opponent's opponent, the Shanghai team tied the score and achieved overtake, dragging the game to the final game.In the end, as Gong Xiangyu made up his voice, the Jiangsu team won the fifth game 15-9 and successfully defended home.

    Although the "double kill" opponents were not achieved, the Shanghai sports teenagers appeared on the stage to help the team recover a game, showing the depth of the team bench.After the game, the head coach Wang Zhiteng said: "Several young players who played the bench in this game played well. In the second and third rounds, several main players played in the case of unsatisfactory play.The rhythm of the game is prepared for the next eight -four competition. "

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