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[转帖] Currency combined, "neck" adds flowers | 2023 China Rehabilitation Medical Association Cervical Setal disease year will be successfully held

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      On December 15-17,时事新闻 the 2023 Academic Annual Conference and Heilongjiang Medical Association Orthopedic Annual Meeting of the China Rehabilitation Medical Association was successfully held in Harbin.Nearly 500 experts at the conference attended the scene, and the scene was full of friends, and the academic content was deeply rich.Experts conduct in -depth exchanges and discussions on the diagnosis and treatment, teaching, and scientific research of cervical spondylosis to promote the development of cervical spondylosis diagnosis and treatment.

      Cervical spondylosis committeeChange,,New journey

      On the afternoon of December 15th, the Ninth Committee of the Cervical Society of the China Rehabilitation Medical Association and the general party branch election meeting of the functional party branch was successfully held. More than 100 members from 28 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities in the country attended the meeting.Niu Enxi, the director of the Supervisor of the China Rehabilitation Medical Association and the full -time party committee of the party committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.The meeting was chaired by Zhong Tiejun, deputy secretary -general of the China Rehabilitation Medical Association.

      Professor Li Zhongshi, chairman of the Eighth Committee of the Cervical Sepatath Special Committee, summarized the work of the special committee and introduced the preparations.After unknown voting, the new organizational organization was eventually elected:

      Counsel: Lou Siquan, Hou Tiesheng, Liu Xiaoguang

      Honorary Chairman: Li Zhongshi

      Director: Wang Chuhuai

      Chairman of Hou Ren: Yan Jinglong

      Deputy Chairman: Wang Hongtu, Li Feng, Chen Bolai, Zhou Fei, Zhao Xueling, He Shisheng, Gao Xiaoping, Dong Jian, and Standing Committee members totaling 24 people.

      At the general conference, Professor Li Zhongshi and Chairman of the Ninth Honorary Chairman Professor Wang Chuhuai mentioned in the summary of the work of the Society that the academic annual meeting during the epidemic was blocked.Cervical spondylosis multi -disciplinary forum ", this academic forum has been held for three consecutive sessions to vigorously promote the development of academic undertakings.In recent years, the level of diagnosis and treatment of cervical spondylosis has become more mature. I hope that in the future, there are many characteristics of many disciplines. From the perspective of multi -disciplinary perspectives, the whole picture of cervical spondylosis is discussed.Effective treatment methods.

      Qunxianzhi, Dot a feast on "neck"

      On the morning of December 16th, the opening ceremony of the 2023 Academic Annual Conference of the China Rehabilitation Medical Association was held.Professor Yan Jinglong, the Second Hospital of Harbin Medical University, Professor Li Zhongshi, China and Japan Friendship Hospital, Jiao Jundong, Dean of the Second Hospital of Harbin Medical University, Zhang Xue, Secretary of the Party Committee of Harbin Medical University, and Niu Enxi, Chairman of the China Rehabilitation Medical Association, gave a speech.

      Professor Hou Tiesheng, Shanghai Changhai Hospital, Professor Liu Xiaoguang at Peking University Third Hospital, Professor Li Zhongshi, China and Japan Friendship Hospital, Professor Wang Chuhuai, First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University, Professor Ma Xun, Baihunen Hospital, Shanxi, Professor Zhao Xueling, Affiliated to Kunming Medical University, and Huazhong University of Science and TechnologyProfessor Li Feng of Tongji Hospital, Professor Chen Bolai, Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Professor He Shisheng of the Tenth People's Hospital affiliated to Tongji University, Professor Ren Longxi, Beijing Chuangliu Hospital, and Professor Wang Huan of Shengjing Hospital affiliated to China Medical University.The diagnosis and treatment of cervical spondylosis conduct classic case interpretation, share experience, analyze the status quo, and look forward to the future, and discuss the entire solution of cervical rehabilitation.The theme is rich, the concept is novel, the content is comprehensive, and the technical is practical. It has both the teaching of basic theory and the discussions of difficult problems.Through this academic exchanges, the direction of the development of the cervical rehabilitation cause in my country has been guided by the development of the cervical rehabilitation cause, and further promoting the improvement of the concept of cervical rehabilitation and the improvement of the technical level.

    Speaking order: Many experts report sharing

      Cervical dizzinessKnow again, special reports to attract attention

      This academic annual meeting not only set up special reports, but also set up a number of club venues such as children's spine problem group branch venues, traditional Chinese medicine branch venues, western medicine branch venues, and youth working group branch venues.During the meeting, everyone conducted a warm discussion on the relevant problems encountered in their clinical work, and exchanged and shared their academic insights and clinical experience.Among them, Professor Wang Chuhuai, the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University, and the special report of "Special Clinical Hama and Treatment of Cervical Spot disease" by Professor Li Zhongshi, a China -Japan Friendship Hospital, was the most popular.Fulled, full of gains.

    Professor Li Zhongshi's topic report

      Professor Li Zhongshi pointed out in the report that cervical spondylosis is a disease that is different from the field of neurology and entered the orthopedic field. The cervical institution is very complicated. In addition to the spinal cord, there are also distribution of neural networks, carotid artery, and vertebral artery.It is also very complicated.In the report of the topic, Professor Li Zhongshi shared the atypical symptoms of cervical spondylosis and the typical cases of cervical spondylosis and the typical cases of neck comfort in cervical dizziness.

      Professor Li Zhongshi said that vertigo is a complex clinical symptom, accompanied by diverse symptoms, complicated causes, involving multiple disciplines, which brings serious distress to patients.At present, there are few studies on drug treatment of cervical spondylosis and lack of high -quality evidence -based medical evidence. The development of traditional Chinese medicine has filled this gap and plays an important role in the treatment of cervical dizziness.

      Experts gathered in XinyihuiSeeing true knowledge

      During the conference, a new medical exchange was set up in the booth areaInThe living room of the Famous Medical Association, this is the only new media platform at the exhibition in the form of an independent interview room at this conference to seize the eyeballs.XinyihuiInMany experts have invited many experts to gather in the living room of the famous medical club to be interviewed.Experts have expressed their honor to participate in this conference, invited interviews, and share the knowledge of the field of cervical spondylosis rehabilitation, and the professional science popularization knowledge for the public to export cervical spondylosis.As an independent third -party medical media platform, Xinyihui has been committed to providing standardized diagnosis and treatment guidelines and academic exchanges for grassroots doctors. So far, it has linked 120,000+ clinicians across the country and has become an important platform for grass -roots doctors to learn online.

    Expert in New Medicalhui · Famous Medical Association living room expert interview

      Many industries have gathered, multi -disciplinary knowledge integration, and deep collision of views, and the academic annual meeting of the Cervical Sociopathy Professional Committee of the China Rehabilitation Medical Association has gathered the most cutting -edge therapeutic concept of domestic cervical spine experts, and further exploring the comprehensive diagnosis and treatment experience of cervical spondylosis.As a colleagues with the same goal, continue to work together in the future, work together to promote the popularization of theory and practice in the field of cervical spondylosis rehabilitation, promote multi -disciplinary cooperation, and contribute to the vigorous development of the healthy development of China's cervical spondylosis.

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