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[转帖] Nanning introduced 33 measures to promote consumption involving automobiles, home appliances, housing, catering, entertainment and other industries

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    Too many agreements get married.Derailed.Do you still love each other?特快资讯

    What are the star couples in the entertainment industry?

    Xin Baiqing and Zhu Yuanyuan, let's!Like him very much

    Teacher Gong Hanlin and Teacher Jinzhu, very low -key loving couple.If it weren't for the fans of the Spring Festival Gala sketch, probably forgot them about them.

    At this time, Chen Song was holding the arm of Liu widow by the river, and shouted anxiously:

    "What are you talking about? Not only did men break into my house, but they also heard the screams of mute intermittently. Is this true?"

    "Of course, it is true. We have been a neighbor for almost two decades. When did I lie to you! You go back and see!" Mrs. Liu leaned his lips and said to him helplessly.

    When he heard this, Chen Song's heart was stunned, and he couldn't calm down at this time. He saw that his eyes were red, picked up a wooden stick, and then ran towards his house.

    In this way, because he was anxious, he made his whole body strength, and he ran into the house after a long time, but when he saw Wang Mazi's appearance, he immediately understood everything, and then his eyes flashed.When distracted, raised the wooden stick directly to interrupt his arms.

    As a result, Wang Mazi sprayed a blood in his mouth, and the pain was rolling on the ground. When he saw the furious Chen Song, he didn't dare to hesitate, and hurriedly crawled and escaped.

    After seeing Wang Mazi escape, Chen Song was relieved, and then slowly walked to the aunt Xiao Ni. When he wanted to comfort her, I saw that she suddenly rushed into her arms, and then shed tears, chokedWas said:

    "Fortunately, you came in time. I was almost done by that guy just now, so I don't want to wait anymore. We will get married tomorrow. In short, you will marry me as a wife."

    At this time, when Chen Song heard this, he first froze, and then he was happy. He said nothing about it. He kissed the mute and hurried out of the house and went to find someone to help!

    At noon the next day, Chen Song naturally did not have a big banquet because of his limited family conditions. He simply made a few tables of wine feast at home and invited some friends in the village to drink.

    However, there was an unexpected situation. On the night of the new wedding night, when Chen Song was sitting in the cave to check the gift money, he suddenly found a paper snake in a red envelope, and then touched the bride's arm.The

    "Oh, I'm going, my wife, please take a look, what is the situation? Why are there anyone who gave me a piece of paper cow, it's strange."

    As soon as the words fell, when the bride saw the paper cow, she was frightened and turned back. After a few steps back, she shouted anxiously:

    "Ah! Not good, don't get stunned, now throw the paper snake out now, this must be the trick of the old Taoist ..."

    As a result, before she finished speaking, she saw that the paper snake suddenly flickered, and instantly became a glasses snake. She opened her mouth and bit her neck towards Chen Song's neck.

    At this time, Chen Song didn't panic, but instead explored his fingers, he clamped the cobra tightly, and then he heard a click, and saw that the cobra was broken in half.

    At this moment, a scream of suddenly made a scream in the courtyard, and then a loud noise, an old Taoist opened the door and walked into the house with Wang Mazi, and said arrogantly:

    "It's a good Chen Song, but it is a bit capable. It can break my technique instantly. No wonder you can defeat my apprentice, but don't be proud. If you want to live tonight, hurry up and give me the woman obediently."

    At this time, the bride was furious, pulling her husband's arm, and said angrily:

    "Husband, you have to be careful! This old Taoist is the last time to bully me."

    "It turned out to be him! Just the new hatred and old hatred together, let them see my power, otherwise they thought they were horses."

    After saying this, Chen Song leaned his lips disdainful, then patted his hands, and saw a 10 -feet green snake, slowly climbed down from the beam of the room, then swept the snake tail, and rolled up the old Taoist priests and kings instantly.Mazi left!

    One year later, Chen Song opened a small tavern in the town through his own efforts, and his wife's belly was also very angry. He gave birth to three sons for him in one breath, so that his husband could not find North.Live a happy life!

    Once on a platform, I saw such a question:Do you believe that the entertainment industry has true feelings?

    The comment area is all clear "I don't believe" ".

    But is this really the case?

    In the huge entertainment industry, a group of sugar fans appeared.

    The love of the celebrities, concealing, and dividing together, a few people happy and sad.

    Especially when they encounter artists who do not like to publish private life, fans can only look up every day to wait for a little bit of news.

    But in the entertainment industry, it may be the least valuable thing.

    In this fame, feelings are also worthless.

    The artists either love because of the drama or love at first sight.

    The parties may be open -minded, either to quickly open the next relationship or indulge in their careers.

    Fans who have suffered from the true feelings of the CP have been broken and sad.

    Whether the entertainment industry has true feelings, the following artists will tell you the answer.

    The popular hostess, who struggled with unknown in KTV and then unknown in the draft show, fell in love at first sight.

    The two walked from friends to their lovers.

    She was willing to give up a great opportunity for him.

    Not only did he reject the invitation of the host of the hot draft show, he also chose to participate in his show as a dancer.

    If you pick up that kind, you have to say generously: the two are just good friends.

    Everyone on the Internet is a decline to the two.

    No one is optimistic about them, and no one believes that they can go to the end.

    Even the man draft of the man's soft rice was full.

    Fortunately, they used time to prove everything.

    Now the public mentioned Zhang Jie and Xie Na, no one praises their love.

    It is said: As long as they are still together, the inner entertainment is really true.

    From the young and unknown to the popular singer, the host reversed with reputation and bears a lot of fame.

    The unchanged is feelings, and what changed is from two people to five people.

    Because of Qin Hao, who walked into the public's vision, he and his wife Yi Nengjing's feelings have also made the onlookers talk.

    Not only the age gap between the two people, but also because the woman divorced and had children, but also because Qin Hao's love for Yi Nengjing was unconditional.

    Qin Hao's family's unconditional and inclusive love for her cured the wounds brought by Yi Nengjing's previous marriage.

    She once wrote "Spring Mud" for her ex -husband, carefully hiding the name of Yu Chengqing in the song.

    They had hot love.

    However, with the trivial trivial and the desire to control the family after marriage, the couple became resentful, and eventually they ended up and did not give each other.

    Yi Nengjing, who was severely hurt by love, met Qin Hao. This person who was really stubborn, but inexplicably insisted.

    She spread all her inner ideas, told her situation in detail, and frankly told herself about the failed marriage.

    He thought about one night and only said one sentence,Let's get married.

    He knew that she had a sense of ritual and held a grand proposal ceremony for her.

    It was also for the whole family to accept her and give her to the greatest extent.

    Now Yineng Jing, in front of the camera, is still the person who is full of performance and likes to talk about various details of life.

    The person who was silent because of marriage was finally in love.

    When it comes to the most popular couples, Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse are definitely on the list.

    The entanglement between them spans over ten years, turning around to the end, and the people around you are still you.

    The rookies in the singing world are still famous in Hong Kong, and they fell in love with the music queen known as the whole people.

    The year she divorced, he just made his debut.

    Hengsheng is between the two people between the two, and the gap between the unsuccessful status.

    One year later, at the celebration of the film celebration, the song after the song greatly held the hand of the rookie in the music scene.

    He acknowledged the relationship between the two before the media. At that time, he was green, shy and twisted.

    This relationship has been controversial from the beginning.

    Age and status, and even divorced children, can become unbearable shortcomings in the media.

    The two also broke up and reunited several times. In the end, the goddess still married others.

    At the beginning, the boy who did not marry Fei Jun also married someone else as a wife.

    Both of them have their own families and their own children. They have nothing to do with each other in the next ten years.

    Until the marriage of the two came to the end at the same time, I saw a hundred attitudes in the world, and the one who couldn't let go was still you.

    The two finally came together again.

    The relationship of 22 years has finally ended in the next stage.

    In 22 years, it is enough for a child to study from kindergarten to university.

    It can be seen that even the stars who are accustomed to wearing a mask are just ordinary people in the face of love.Have your own contradictions and your own shortcomings.

    Like ordinary people, love is not the reason why two people persist, but it must be the key to the story of this story.

    Maybe they will break up and divorce after many years.

    But as guests, we can witness the opening and ending of love, which is lucky enough.

    After all, in the face of love, everyone is equal and equal.



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