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[转帖] The media talked about Morant withdrew 34 points in the first battle+lore

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    The media talked about Morant withdrew 34 points in the first battle+lore

    On the morning of the 20th Beijing time, the Grizzlies defeated the Pelicans 115-113 away.This game is the first game of the CSE Core Morram's first game after being suspended. He played a total of 35 minutes and scored 34 points. Among them, he also completed a difficult and difficult lore at the last moment.Is there a more perfect battle than these?Monte said after the game: "Basketball is my life, and it can cure everything."

    Because of his outstanding physical fitness and super strong emptiness, Morant was called the "waist king" by the outside world.Monte has a strong physical talent and excellent ball skills. He soon became the core of the Grizzlies.Although there are excellent performance on the court, he is a guy who is wrong outside the field.Due to careless friends, Morant was very casual in treating firearms.Earlier, Morant was suspended by the NBA because he was carrying firearms, but obviously he did not receive lessons.After the Grizzlies were eliminated last season, he showed his gun again during a live broadcast.This has aroused greater attention from the outside world.The NBA also punished him a more severe penalty: 25 games were suspended.

    In the past time, Morant's life was not good, but at the same time he put more energy on basketball.The Grizzlies coach Jenkins said: "After the start of this season, he spent a lot of time in the basketball. He has been with the team as much as possible to keep his state." On the 20th, Monte finally ushered in a return battle.Due to the long -term war, some games in Mortt must be a bit sparse. For example, some jumper bias, and then all the three -pointers are lost.But even so, his break -up and the vitality of the game remained high.Morant scrambled several times in the game, and then scored.Morant scored 27 points in the second half, including lore at the last moment.

    The media talked about Morant withdrew 34 points in the first battle+lore

    At the last moment, the two sides played 113 square meters. Morant controlled the ball. He signaled his teammates to open the space, and then started acceleration to kill the basket.When he came to the basket, in the face of the rigorous defense of the opponent, Morant completed the difficult layup after hovering in the air, and finally drilled into the net nest after a few times in the basket.After hitting his fate, Morant was excited. He took off his jersey and forgot to celebrate with his teammates.Monte said after the game: "Basketball is my life and I love it. Basketball can heal me, I am very excited to come back. Actually, I have been working hard. I have n’t played in the game for several months.It is not easy. But there is no proportion of a better thing to return to the stadium. "

    Text/Beijing Youth Daily reporter Song Xiang

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