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[转帖] 2020 Qatar off -road Rally (the death of Chinese drivers of Qatar Rally)

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    • 1. How is Hot discussion information websitethe total score of Qatar Rally?
    • 2. The Chinese guy rode 2,000 kilometers and crossed 10 countries to Qatar. What does this competition mean ...
    • 3. How much knows Qatar Motor Rally?
    • 4. Why does Qatar award?
    • 5. How about Mitsubishi Pajero? OK? Is there any disadvantage?

    1. During the stage, the car can be driving at full speed, and sometimes the speed is up to 200 kilometers per hour.At the end of the entire rally, the minimum accumulation time and the cars and drivers with the smallest scores were won.

    2. In this regard, in 2006, the runner-up of the Dachallali-Volkswagen Touareg team Giniel de Villiers said: "This is a great decision!Duan, now the results of this stage will also be included in the final result, which is great.

    3. T1 group: Advanced modification racing sets, including various racing cars that have changed the original car structure and design, and various racing cars designed and manufactured for the Dakar Rally (Touareg and Weilin X Haval are all in this level).

    4. Dakar-Paris Rally: On January 1st each year, starting from France in the excitement of people's welcoming the New Year, it passed the African land for 2-3 weeks for about 10,000 kilometers.So far, the running rate of the schedule is only 38%, and there are also "those who run the entire schedule are the winners". It can be seen that the difficulty of the event.

    1. The Chinese guy rides 2,000 kilometers. What does this competition mean for him?This World Cup is a pilgrimage journey for him because he is a loyal fan of Messi.

    2. According to the description of the young man, if he came to Qatar by cycling and hiking, it would not be possible to see it in vain, after all, this is a thousand miles away.

    3. For such behaviors, we can look at it from two aspects: First, Sherk's behavior reflects his extreme love for football and support for Messi.He chose to resign and spent nearly three months, riding for 2,000 kilometers, just to watch Messi's game at the scene. This spirit deserves our respect and praise.

    1. So far, the running rate of the schedule is only 38%.One of the largest features of Dakar is that both professional players and amateur racing enthusiasts can participate freely and compete together.At the same time, in the Dakar Rally, whether it is a car, a car, a kart or a truck ... Any type of car can participate.

    2. For the first Qatar Grand Prix in history, 57 laps, Pirelli chose the C1 formula as P Zero white hard tire, C2 is P Zero yellow neutral tire, and C3 is P Zero red soft tire.This is the fifth time and the last time the season. The hardest formula in the nomination tire series.

    3. The Paris Dakar Rally (The Paris Dakar Rally) is the Dakar Rally. It is a professional off -road rally held every year.The game is not limited to whether the driver is a professional player. About 80%of the contestants are amateur players.Although the name is Rally, this is actually a endurance race away from the road.

    4. In general, it is a long -distance off -road match.The test is the logistics maintenance of the team and the driver, and off -road driving.The speed is between 10-150.The rhythm of the competition according to the harsh degree of road conditions has changed a lot.WRC is the World Rally Championship.

    5. Most of the stages of Rally are far away from the road, and you need to pass through dunes, mud, grass, rocks and deserts.The vehicle travels every day from several kilometers to hundreds of kilometers.

    6. As the most harsh and most adventurous racing sports, it is known to the world. People who generally like cars generally know this event.Essence

    1. There are no matte matters on the schedule, and the track has not been used in large quantities recently, which means that before the F1 car is on the track, no rubber particles have fallen.As a result, the drivers would first face a very smooth track and a high degree of evolution of the track.

    2. On September 30, 2021, Beijing time, F1 officially announced that the Catal Rose International Circuit will hold the first F1 Qatar Grand Prix from November 19-21, 2021.

    3. On October 6, local time, the three -day first -level Formula Racing (F1) Qatar Grand Prix started in the Lusser International Circuit on the Sutha of the Catal capital.Among them, the first exercise and rankings were conducted on October 6, the second exercise and sprinting match on October 7th, and the main match on October 8.

    4. At the Qatar Grand Prix of the first -class Formula (F1), the Red Bull team driver Vistea easily won the championship.The McLaren team's Australian driver Piarstri and British driver Noris won two or three.

    5. In the season, the first -level Formula Racing (F1) Qatar Grand Prix ends on the 9th.The Chinese driver Zhou Guanyu of the Alpha Romeo team ranked ninth and received points as expected.

    6. In order to welcome the F1 Qatar Grand Prix, the Lusser Circuit has been prepared for a series of preparations.The track has been re -paved to ensure that the car can get better grip when the car is driving at a high speed.In addition, the facilities around the track have also been refurbished to provide a better viewing experience and service.

    1. The seats of the seat are high, and the details are also in place. The driver's seat is adjusted by 6 directions and durable.Driving experience: Because Mitsubishi Pajero V97 is an off -road SUV, it will be more troublesome to drive in the city. The turning radius is relatively large and the body is wide. You must be patient, otherwise you will encounter obstacles on the roadside.

    2. Mitsubishi Pajero car, which used to be famous for making military off -road vehicles, so he should be regarded as a military enterprise. Although he finally disintegrated, he inherited and used the technical and characteristics of military industrial enterprises.EssenceIn the world, word of mouth is excellent.

    3. Of course, Pajero also has its disadvantages, and the price is high (caught up with the imported FJ Cool Luze), body weight (2 tons), high fuel consumption (compared to highway SUVs), and highway performance (compared to compareHighway SUV).

    4. The biggest disadvantage is reduction of distribution, post -shock absorption (oil leakage within 10,000 kilometers), water tank (traffic jam or idle cold air insufficient wind), transmission preheating system (oil cake), no hot air in the back row (only cold wind), and there is also there is also a hot air (only cold wind), and there is also a cold wind, and there is also a cold wind, and there is also a cold wind, and there is also a cold wind, and there is also a cold wind, and there is also a cold wind, and there is also a cold wind, and there is also a cold wind, and there is also a cold wind (only cold wind).That is, long -term low -end high -speed climbing gearbox will be high.

    5. Mitsubishi Pajero's appearance: Following the design concept of the previous generation, the rough tough guy style has also been inherited.

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