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[转帖] Bensell: I have no problem with my knees. If the national team is recruited, I will participate in the African Cup

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    Original title: Bensell: I have no problem with my knee. If the national team is 一刻资讯recruited, I will participate in the African Cup

    Live broadcast, December 20th. Recently, Milan Midway Benner was interviewed by reporters at the club's fan meeting.

    He said: "I feel very good now, I am very happy because I have been hurt and returned for almost a month. I am slowly regaining my rhythm. I have no problem with my knees. Will I return to the start?Let's wait and see, I feel very good, I am working hard to train and slowly find the rhythm of the competition. "

    About UEFA

    "I can't participate in the Champions League. Now the European Union is important to us. I will work hard to help my teammates."

    About the African Cup

    "The final call list has not yet come out, but when the national team recruits you, if your health is healthy, you can't refuse. I am not the one who chose to run the African Cup in January."

    About Ibra

    "Ibrahimovic stays, although he no longer plays anymore. Ibrahimovic has a winner's mentality, and he will bring this to the team."

    About 2024

    "I hope to return in a better state, and do my best to help the team, do my best for Milan in all games."

    About midfielder

    "We have a variety of very powerful players who are glad to play with them. I will appear in the place where the coach needs me and can do anything."

    About Christmas gifts

    "Kick gave me a good perfume, and I gave it to the video analysts that are keen on Lego. Some Lego bricks. Our relationship is very close."

    (Rock sugar stew Sydney)

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