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[转帖] 23 Ford Lie Horse Raptors 3.0T power strong off -road extraordinary off -road extraordinary off -road

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      The速递资讯 transaction is just the beginning, and the service is endless.Selling the world is happy, covering the wind and rain for you, making you convenient for travel. Living for a decent and convenient life has always been my purpose.Customers from other places to make an appointment in advance, and the company arranges the service vehicle free delivery (airport, high -speed rail station, railway station, light rail station, passenger bus station and other locations).Other models can be called: 18102037086 Miao manager.

      Ford 23 3.0T four -door Raptor configuration is as follows:

      3.0T V6 10 -speed intelligent 4X4 horsepower 7 driving mode; Raptor Hoss4.0 suspension; Fox3.1 nitrogen shock absorption; 37 tires; 4.7 lock the rear axle reducer transmission ratio; front and rear differentials; front -anti -tilt rods break open.; Demolition doors and hard tops; high -performance heavy modular front bumpers; rigid fog lights and off -road lights; heavy vehicle steel baffle; 360 -degree ring car images; LED signature lights and fog lights; rearview mirrors heating; Drag hooks 2 and 2; one -click starting shake; 12 -inch touch screen.

      In addition to the upgrade of rims, other visual upgrades include unique daytime running lights and modular front bumpers with a unique daytime driving lights.Ford replaced the mud board, a quarter panel and hood with a special part of the raptor.

      The 2023 Ford -Liema Raptor has upgraded the chassis suspension.This inspiration comes from the Ultra4 car with a larger suspension itinerary, and the larger wheel distance with a wider ground clearance makes it better at high speed stability and low -speed creep. The output power exceeds 400 horsepower. It can cope with complex terrain such as desertOff -road.

      Under the choice of 7 different driving modes, the Ford Liema Raptor Edition can meet the off -road needs of various environments. Unlike off -road vehicles that generally pay attention to low -speed climbing, Liema Raptor focuses on strengthening the desert off -road.It's like a BAJA car on the road.

      At the rear of the car, the new car is equipped with a plug -in rear spare tire. The taillights on both sides are vertically designed. The effect is very good after lighting. The design of the black rear bumper is very off -road.

      In terms of the interior of the 2023 Ford -liech horses, the Ford Bronco Raptor uses a special material seat, the surface is ultra -wear -resistant and can be cleaned, and the internal skeleton is supported by special shapes to prevent drivers and passengers from swinging left and right in off -road.The seat belt uses a striking orange color, which is in sharp contrast to the black main color regulation of the interior.

      The figure of the Ford Liema Raptor Edition is obviously more strong than the original Ford Liel Horse Bronco, because the size of the Raptor version has changed slightly, and it is even more important to expand the wheel distance. The wide feeling even surpasses the Wrangler.The vehicle chassis suspension ground clearance has also risen. Visually, the minimum departure ground clearance can reach more than 350 mm, which is equivalent to the effect of the original plant.

      The interior of the 2023 Ford -lino Raptor version will also have a large upgrade. The most obvious is the increase in the size of the inlaid central control navigation screen, and the sense of technology has increased a lot.Soft bag materials are also more thick, and it adds practical configurations such as independent handrails and net pocket storage racks.There are also orange -red red lines and exclusive badges in detail, and the overall recognition will be stronger than the ordinary version.

      The 23 Ford Liema Raptor Edition is equipped with a 10 -speed automatic transmission. This is a manual automatic transmission. The driver can manually shift it. The power is passed through a larger transmission shaft before and after.Essence4X is equipped with an upgraded dwelling box, a higher -capacity clutch, and adjusted the BAJA mode (can select the high and low adjustment of the chassis according to the terrain).Bronco Raptor is also equipped with a traction/trailer mode with a maximum traction capacity of 4,500 pounds (2041kg).

      The company promises: We do n’t do the lowest price in the market, it ’s low, it is not guaranteed, does not do the highest price, has no emotion, only earns the money we should earn, only pays the relationship, do things seriously, cooperate and win, cooperate with us, cooperate with us, and cooperate with us.I dare not guarantee that you spend the least money. I dare to ensure that you have the greatest heart, get quality, efficiency, benefits, and win -win situations, and look forward to the cooperation of every new and old customers!Serving and transmitting trust!I would like to cooperate with you for a long time!Please do not take the high -profile configuration and low -match price!IntersectionThe imported car is a configuration and one price.

      Triple protection of car purchase

      The first guarantee: The original regular commercial vehicle ensures that the new vehicle is non -repaired.

      Second guarantee: Guarantee quality, every car of the manufacturer has done professional testing before leaving the factory.

      The third guarantee: take away the procedures on the day of the car purchase (customs order, commodity inspection, consistency certificate, electronic information QR code)

      Main brand: Rolls -Royce, Bentley, Mercedes, Land Rover, BMW, Porsche, imported Toyota, Lexus, Dodge and other high -end brand models.

      Main businesses: foreign booking, new car sales, car consultation, customized modification and upgrading, national mortgage stages, and agency national cards.

      Car purchase consultation phone; 18102037086 Miao Manager (same WeChat)

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