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[转帖] More than 9,600 households in Jixi get housing leasing subsidies in time

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    In "The Brother in the Things", Hu Haiquan did not know when performing a blink of an eye when he performed. When he was asked in the audience, he did not know.

    He was then discovered by Li Xiang, warning him to use the action list with caution.

    Netizens joked that Hu Haiquan was "Dingfeng Wink".

    This time Hu Haiquan participated in "Brother who was cut in thorns". For the first time, he also intentionally avoided the classic track of "Yuquan", but sang "Bird" who had cooperated with Ren Xianqi.The original singing of this song is Ren Xianqi, but Hu Haiquan's lyrics are also one of his representative works, suggesting that he will start again as a personal identity.

    In addition to the identity of the musician, Hu Haiquan is a successful investor.In recent years, he has made his career and has been in the water. Numerous companies have involved in various fields and accumulated tens of billions of assets.

    In the first issue of "Brother in the Thorns", the new energy karts that the brothers appeared at that time were one of the projects he invested.

    Even the milk tea rushed in the hand, the stage where the guests sat, the audio equipment during the performance, the lighting set, and a series of related props related to the program, maybe they were closely related to our Hu always.

    Since Chen Yufan withdrew from the entertainment industry in 2018, the golden combination of gold in the north and south of the river has collapsed.

    After Chen Yufan was arrested, Hu Haiquan sent ten "why" roaring bodies, which was translated by netizens as the first time he clarified himself and argued for himself: I didn't suck, I don't know.

    In fact, for the current Hu Haiquan, it doesn't matter how to evaluate him before the song.

    He is not a pure singer now. The musician is just the facade of his business. Today's Hu Haiquan, these influences are ignored for him.

    At the beginning of his debut, Hu Haiquan began to study the way of investment, and he could see him at many investment conferences.

    In 2006, Hu Haiquan founded EQ Records and served as the president of the company. He made in -depth cooperation with multiple star brand studios with music production and record distribution recording as the main business. The business did it.

    Siqin Goryeo, known as "after the song", Jin Zhiwen, who is Almighty Music creator, and even the new generation idol Ma Tianyu is also his artist.

    At the same time, Hu Haiquan also established Beijing Giant Culture Development Co., Ltd. in 2010. He personally served as CEO, and also signed artists such as Huang Jianxiang and Li Chen.

    Before 2014, his attention was mainly music.After the establishment of the Haiquan Foundation in 2014, Hu Haiquan added the title of "investor".The fund currently manages 7 funds with a scale of 1.3 billion yuan.

    In order to have better management experience and investment minds, he also read the EMBA (senior business management) of Peking University.

    Hu Haiquan's business exploration has never stopped. According to relevant statistics, there are more than 50 companies related to Hu Haiquan.

    Hu Haiquan, 46, has not been low in variety shows in recent years. He can see him on a variety show every year.Perhaps he also hopes to maintain the maximum exposure through recording variety shows, and at the same time, he may also be exposed to the latest and most cutting -edge things, which is also good for his investment.

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