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[转帖] Jining people quickly watch!2024 The first working day, don't miss these messages

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    Thebreaking news website pre -collection "The Giants BOSS is a Dog" uses money to set up all attacks & words and wealth fans
    The pre -collection "I will mark the enemy" black crazy dog attack & Gaoling's flowers under the altar of the flower, double strong year
    The pre -collection "Irritable Lady Seeks [ABO]" runs a courageous attack on the incident.


    The life of the world is bumpy, dragging Sao Bao Ding Ding, & Mingmen Wangbi Black abstinence doctor attacked

    Lu Yanbai secretly fell in love with Yu Temple Yan Yiyi.

    In high school, his family was prominent, with excellent grades, chic and wanton.
    And his at the same table Yu Temple said that because of his father's bankruptcy, the mother of Xiaosan was running with people, becoming a fight and fighting scum.

    At the age of eighteen, Lu Xibai, who lived on the ivory tower, made a wish at the same table: "Let's associate! The kind you imagine."
    Yu Temple laughed for a moment and laughed: "Okay! Happy birthday, boyfriend!"

    For the third month of the two, Yu Si said that he was going to study abroad and disappeared.

    Ten years later, Lu Xingbai became a highly sought -after doctoral supervisor in the academic world and the top domestic heart experts.
    An accident made the two reunion again and ghosts to become a neighbor, but because of various strange misunderstandings, they were not pleasing to each other, and they staged their love and killing each other.

    Later, Yu Temple said that Lu Xingbai went to find him at the beginning, and it was ten years to find it.

    Later, Lu Yibai understood that Yu Temple said that he harmed him for ten years and ended. He put down his disguise and imprisoned people between arms and walls on a heavy rain night.Murmured: "Yu Temple, can I kiss you?"

    "Professor Lu, you said in the classroom today that there are more than 200 bacteria in normal population. In principle, you won't kiss. Do you think I am not a normal person!"

    "I don't have principles." Lu Xingbai, a patient with severe cleanliness, said dumbly after he ignored it.


    "Yu Temple, I said you can't be low -key?" The agent whispered a little bit.

    Yu Temple slowly pushed the sunglasses on the bridge of the straight nose, revealing the dark eyes of deep pool, and shrugged innocently. "How can you call me a low -key face?"

    "Can't you blind your face?"

    "Okay, even if I have a robbery every day, this figure that makes thousands of girls drool is unstoppable!"

    Lu Xingbai, who was sitting next to him, cough.

    "..." Yu Da stars silently put on a large mask embroidered with Crayon Shin -new.


    The copy of the pre -collection "The Giants Boss is a Dog" is as follows:

    Tao Ying closed his father's pet hospital with his strength to close the business.

    One day, when he was sending milk tea in the city's most cbd, he met a handsome man in the elevator. The man was full of oppression like ... just like Doberman.

    When Tao Ying came out of the elevator, he was stopped by a head -headed suit and invited him to join the assistant of BOSS Wei Zhonghuai.

    Tao Shuang: "?"

    I only get an injection of animals

    Suit man: "annual salary of 1 million"

    Tao Shuang: "Okay, I have a strong learning ability!"

    On the first day of work, boss sent WeChat

    Boss [Come to my house at 7 o'clock tomorrow morning]

    Tao Shuang [Boss, I ... I don't sell your body]

    Boss [?Help me walk the dog!IntersectionIntersectionTen thousand days to watch the fees]

    Tao Shuang [Okay, I am very physical, very popular with dogs]

    Boss [...]

    I just brought the boss's dog at night, the torpedo back home, and received the boss information

    Boss [Do not bring fish torpedo to the lake in the future]

    Tao Shuang 【Why】

    Boss [it doesn't like it]

    Tao Shuang [How do you know]

    Boss 【Transfer 10000】

    Tao Shuang [?.

    Boss 【Why do I ask less in the future】

    Tao Shuang 【Why?.

    Being withdrawn

    Many days later, at the company's annual meeting, Tao Shuang drank some wine and looked at the eyes of his boss.

    Wei Zhonghuai: "..."

    Everyone present was not good: "!!!"

    Employee A: "Is Assistant Tao crazy?"

    Employee B: "Well, aren't you afraid that Mr. Wei will explode his dog's head?"

    Employee C: "How can Mr. Wei enjoy it, what's going on?"

    Many days later, boss will go on a business trip again

    Tao Shuang [BOSS, I think torpedo may have to do breeding surgery]

    Boss [?.

    Tao Shuang [It has a recent temper, I can feel that it is going to be in estrus. If the dog waits for the re -birth of the estrus, it will have a great psychological impact]

    BOSS [This incident will not be mentioned in the future]

    Tao Shuang [I can help, my technique is very good]

    Boss 【Transfer 100000】

    Tao Shuang [?.

    Boss 【Shut my mouth】

    Zipper ING

    Many, many days later, Tao Shuang and Wei Zhong were together. When Tao Shuangpu fish torpedo accidentally found that his boss was a dog, he knew that the encounter in the elevator room was not an accident.The smell on his body.

    The story of a Doberman finds the master for himself

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