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[转帖] Laughing that "the earthquake has something to do with me", 3 million fan women's net red apologized and donated 5,200 yuan

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    On the evening of December 20th,头条新闻 a news that "the female net red laughed and said what the Gansu earthquake had had a relationship with me", which rushed to the hot search.

    According to reports, on December 19, the female net red "Director Xuan" of more than 3 million fans opened the live broadcast mentioned that the hippie smiley face caused by the Gansu earthquake caused heated discussion among netizens.

    During the live broadcast, she smiled and said that Gansu was 800 kilometers away from her, and the earthquake had nothing to do with her.

    Some netizens said angrily that it was very inappropriate to say this as a public figure.

    It is reported that the "Director Xuan" fast account account is as high as 3 million. The usual video style is basically the type of "not amazing words".

    Netizens hot review

    In the early morning of December 21, "Director Xuan" issued an apology, saying that "when someone said that when the earthquake, I didn't realize that the Gansu earthquake was so serious." The donation certificate of 5,200 yuan was issued.

    Original title: "What does the earthquake have something to do with me?"

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