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[转帖] Ordinals founder: Why does the criticism of criticism only weaken the value of you and Bitcoin?

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    Original title: "INScriptions: A Guide for the Ideological Maxi"
    Original Author: Casey Rodarmor
    Original compilation: Deep Templow Techflow

    Editor's note:
    Casey Rodarmor,一刻资讯 the founder of the Bitcoin Agreement, said that the critical paradigm of the inscription is not wise enough. I hope that Bitcoin Extremeists will let go of their complaints about the inscriptions and suggest that they ignore the inscriptions, because the more valuable cases in the future will eliminate most of the inscriptions.EssenceThe following is a full text compilation.

    If you ask me my attitude, my point of view is almost different from the point of view of Bitcoin ideology extremist.I hate the country and do not respect the authority, and I believe that Bitcoin is the degeneration path that Bitcoin gets rid of the legal currency to our lives and civilization.

    However, I don't think I am an ideological Bitcoin extremist, the main reason is that ideology is often unable to survive when contacting reality.

    The ideological Bitcoin extremism and its shallow culture are currently in a unpleasant position: the real contact that does not match them.

    This article contains suggestions for ideological Bitcoin extremists, hoping that these suggestions can help them stop self -suffering and criminal errors.In other words, how to make them no longer become losers.

    First of all, what I want to say is that this article is not written to defend Ordinals and inscriptions.They don't need to defend.The incident has happened, the inscription has existed, and no one can let the inscriptions die.

    Now, take a look at the suggestions.

    My first suggestion was that complaining that the inscription would make you and Bitcoin look weak.I believe that Bitcoin is an unstoppable Internet currency, but also believes that it is mentally handicapped to publish a small picture on the chain. This view is very contradictory.We all know that such a fact is that the former is correct under the circumstances that the former is wrong, and the latter is wrong.Bitcoin is an unstoppable Internet currency, and small pictures on the chain are an irrelevant issue.However, if you support these two views at the same time, you will weaken any arguments that you think Bitcoin can resist the country.

    Although there are a lot of complaints on Twitter, no one can cause even a little damage to Orginals and inscriptions.Therefore, given that we still have important tasks in destroying the fiat currency, maybe you should stop complaining about what you cannot change and adapt to the reality of small pictures on the chain.There is no doubt that inscriptions will not be the last time people start doing unpleasant things on Bitcoin, so it will be a good practice to start accepting Bitcoin now.Then, you can focus on more important things, such as spreading Satoshi, and helping as much people as possible to learn how to use Bitcoin.

    Complaining that the inscriptions only let more people understand them and make the inscription developers more enthusiastic about developing inscriptions, this is just to make you look like a fool.If ordinary people like to do something, then you will not make progress by scolding them to do this or make progress in anything.

    If you still insist on complaining the inscriptions, at least spend some time to find out, so you can give up your bad argument.This includes:

    Anyone can right -click to save the NFT in JPEG form.Everyone who buys inscriptions knows this is everyone.Accepting this and updating your worldview will make it closer to reality.

    The inscription is not true, they are just a collective hallucination.I have been talking about this since the first day. From the first day, I have been saying that Ordinals and inscriptions are a selective perspective of Bitcoin.If you think that the inscription is a certain devastating inspiration for Bitcoin, this will make you look like an idiot.In addition, this also shows that you misunderstand one of the most basic things in human, civilization and culture: everything important is just social customs.In fact, Bitcoin is just a social custom.Or in other words, what is important is not software or data, but around its social customs.The inscription is no exception.

    You can store the data under the chain.People attach importance to the data on the chain, which makes the inscription scarce and greatly improves reliability and user security.All other NFT ecosystems use chain data. Users who do not know the truth will entrust the trust of the trust on the IPFS, and the custodian may stop the custody at any time.The data on the chain has greatly improved the credibility. As far as I know, this is also paid to the Bitcoin extremists.

    The inscription is illegal.There are obvious differences between illegal things such as national violence and things you think are stupid.Because you do n’t like or do n’t understand something, you think it is illegal, which makes you look like a mentally retarded intelligence.

    The inscription is the attack of Bitcoin.I don't know what to do, you see NFT and Shitcoins on other chains, and understand that they exist because of enthusiasm, demand, fraud, and degeneration.Coin's national attack?

    It is exactly the same to try to review inscriptions and try to review other types of transactions.Any mechanism or public support you have established will immediately provide support for the review of Bitcoin.Fortunately, it is the original intention of dealing with illegal transactions that are considered illegal transactions, so you will eventually fail, but if you do not try to persuade people to review the Bitcoin transaction, it is something they should try, and we will be better.

    So, how should you treat the inscription?

    Ignore them.More valuable use cases will lose the price advantage of most inscriptions.There will always be some high -value inscriptions, but they cannot compete with hard currency and inexplicable transactions.The fate of Bitcoin is a high cost, embrace it.

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