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[转帖] The new version of the climate monitoring prediction analysis system has greatly improved through expert review system performance and stability

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    On December 13,热议资讯 the new version of my country's Climate Monitoring Forecast Analysis System (CIPAS) 3.1 passed expert review.The reporter learned from the conference that the global atmospheric model resolution supported by the CIPAS3.1 system increased from 110 kilometers to 45 kilometers, and the level resolution of the ocean mode has increased from 100 kilometers to 25 kilometers. The climate simulation and predictive ability of the East Asian monsoon area are significantEnhancement.The system can achieve global precision monitoring of land, ocean, atmospheric, monsoon, rainy season and other fields, as well as 15 days to annual scale seamless climate including climate elements, heavy precipitation, strong cooling, typhoons and air pollutionpredict.

    The new version is newly added on the basis of version 3.0.More than 30 categories of domestic and foreign re -analysis model data at home and abroad, such as the National Temperature Precipitation Smart Grid Data (DLS2S), the Chinese Multi -Mode Collection Forecast System 2.0 (CMMEV2.0), and 40, such as extreme indicator statistics, trends inspection, intelligent super scores, etc.The remaining algorithm has optimized the monitoring of extreme climate index, Fengyun satellite product monitoring, marine monitoring prediction, scenery resource monitoring prediction, multi -mode collection prediction, national -provincial cooperative smart grid forecast production, multi -dimensional display analysis, automatic graphic product generation and automatic graphic products and automatic graphic products and automatic graphic products and automatic generation of text productsCustomized monitoring and other more than 140 business functions.

    CIPAS3.1 Based on the design concepts of autonomous, intelligent, collaborative, and open, follow relevant specifications and standards such as the meteorological big data cloud platform "Tianqing" and meteorological business software component design.Information technologies such as services, message dynamic perception, artificial intelligence and other information have further improved system performance, reliability, stability, and automated operation and maintenance efficiency.According to statistics, the CIPAS system has a total number of national visits of more than 170,000 times in 2023, and national user visits have increased by 8.7%. Provincial users have increased by 40.9%.About 20%and 30%.

    It is understood that the system faces the earth climate system and integrates more than 70 category observation mode data, which can meet the multi -layer monitoring of the climate system, predicts from meteorological elements to climate disaster, multi -dimensional diagnosis analysis, national and provincial collaborative prediction products, real -time climate climateForecast inspection, etc., strongly supports national climate forecasting business, public services and decision -making services.

    Wu Huanping, director of the development and control room of the National Climate Center, introduced that in the future, the CIPAS system will continue to dynamically meet the needs of intelligent digital forecasting business, provide monitoring and prediction business support and integration capabilities for multi -level departments such as provinces and cities, and further strengthen domestic climate dataThe application capacity and system expansion and openness of the product continuously meet the needs of high -quality development of modern climate business.

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