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[转帖] In the 1988 Olympic Games, what happened?Broadcast article

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    At the 2016 Rio Olympics,Exclusive information website the Chinese delegation achieved average. 26 gold medals ranked third in the gold medal list (the second was the United Kingdom), creating the worst results of participating in the Olympic Games since the new century.

    Although the Chinese women's volleyball team won the Olympic champion all the way, the Chinese sports fans were excited, and they could not cover up the overall slide trajectory of the Chinese delegation of the Olympic Games.

    As everyone knows, this situation has occurred 28 years ago, when the 1988 Seoul Olympics, it had already appeared.

    Seoul Olympic Games

    Moreover, the last Olympic Games -the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games won the background of 15 gold. The downturn of the Chinese delegation at the Chinese Olympic Games was even more difficult to understand.

    However, there is a trough with a peak.At that time, for the Chinese delegation, which participated in the Olympic Games, each Olympic experience was a rare valuable wealth.

    What's more, the achievements of the Chinese Legion are closely related to the intricate international situation at the time. The Olympic Games is not only the stage of sports competition, but also has inextricable connections with political factors.

    So, what happened in the Seoul Olympics in 1988?

    Seoul Olympic Games

    First of all, we must know a concept: the media summarizes the Chinese delegation's performance in the Seoul Olympics as "defeat", which is compared with the previous Los Angeles Olympics.

    Four years ago in the United States, the Chinese Legion achieved the world's side -by -side achievements -the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games is an Olympic Games that has achieved great achievements in the Chinese delegation.

    That year, the shooter Xu Haifeng won the first gold of the summer Olympic Games for the Chinese delegation;

    The Chinese women's volleyball team won the Olympic gold medal, becoming the first and the only team project in my country to go to the three major ball project stations to date in China;

    "Prince of Gymnastics" Li Ning Da Flating the lottery, one person won three gold medals, plus two silver medals and one bronze medal, becoming the athlete with the largest number of medals in the Olympic Games ...

    On the medal list, the Chinese delegation ranked fourth with the total scores of 15 gold, 8 silver, and 9 copper, second only to the host of the host United States (83 gold, 61 silver 30 copper), Romania (20 gold 16 silver 17 copper) and Federal Germany (Former West Germany, 17 gold, 19 silver and 23 copper).

    As a delegation that has just won the first gold in the contest, the breakthrough of the Chinese Legion is surprising.

    Li Ning

    After years of effort and hard work, a group of Olympic champions were born, allowing the world to see the strong strength of the Chinese delegation, and laid the foundation for the growth of my country in the future.

    At that time, the citizens of our country were looking forward to that four years later, the Seoul Olympics, and the Chinese Legion could achieve better results.

    People go high, and our Olympic athletes have a wonderful performance in Los Angeles. Of course, everyone is full of longing for the good momentum of the athletes four years ago.However, the Seoul Olympic Games became a nightmare.

    Seoul Olympic Games

    In the current competition, the Chinese Legion sent 301 players to participate in the competition (the other said 299).Essence

    However, the final score was only won 5 gold medals, 11 silver medals, and 12 bronze medals, ranking 11th in the prize list.

    September 17, 1988 is the first day of the Olympic Games. According to the expectations of the Chinese people, the Chinese team has three punching points on the first game date:

    The men's guns were Xu Haifeng and Wang Yifu. The men's weightlifting 52 kg was He Zhuoqiang, who ranked in the top three in the world at that time. Two female players Zhang Qiuping and Li Dan participated in the women's air rifle competition. They are also expected to help the Chinese team shoot down the first gold.

    Seoul Olympic Games

    The ideal is full and the reality is cruel.Xu Haifeng, who was defending the champion of the champion and the Chinese delegation, who won the first gold, was the 27th place, which was only 27th.

    The two female players of women's rifle also played abnormalities and failed to enter the finals of the event;

    Only He Zhuoqiang was played normally. He won the men's weightlifting 52 kg bronze medal, so that the Chinese delegation would not be harvested on the first day.

    The first gold of the Chinese Legion did not arrive until the next day. The diving athlete Xu Yanmei won the women's 10 -meter platform gold medal. The five -star red flag fluttered over the Hankan Olympic Popular podium for the first time.

    Seoul Olympic Games

    Of course, even at this time, everyone still believes that the Chinese delegation can achieve no less than Los Angeles at the current Olympic Games.

    After all, there are two projects that are most valued by Chinese -gymnastics and women's volleyball teams have not kicked off.

    People look forward to Li Ning, who is the prince of gymnastics, and the Chinese women's volleyball team that won three consecutive championships in Los Angeles four years ago, which can help the Chinese delegation to make a momentum and revive the sound.

    However, it is also these two projects that given the people the biggest disappointment.

    Li Ning

    On the fourth game of the Olympic Games, the gymnastics project kicked off."Gymnastics Prince" Li Ning, as the captain of the Chinese gymnastics team, led the Chinese team to set foot on the Seoul Olympic Games.

    On the age, Li Ning, at the time of the 25 -year -old, was his personal peak. Compared with four years ago, his technical capabilities should not be increased.

    However, in the competition, Li Ning's play was stunned: he accidentally fell to the ground in the jumping race and missed the horses final; while Li Ning actually hung his feet when he completed his action four years ago, Li Ning actually hung his feet.On the ring, such a major mistake naturally made him hopeless.

    In the group competition, Li Ning also played abnormalities, and the movement lost the light and elegant in the past. The results of the Chinese men's team fell out of the top three because of Li Ning's mistake., Bad -end ...

    Li Ning

    However, what the outside world does not know is that Li Ning was scarred due to the long -term hard training.

    Before the Seoul Olympics, Li Ning suffered a serious leg injury, and the injury was enough to let him retire (in fact, Li Ning did choose to retire after the Seoul Olympics).

    However, in order not to affect the preparations and the expectations of Li Ning and the Chinese gymnastics team, the gymnastics team did not announce the injuries of Li Ning.

    Although the eyes of the masses were clear, they did not understand the situation after all, so Li Ning suddenly became sinners from the gymnastics prince and Olympic hero four years ago.

    According to Li Ning's memories, the gymnastics team returned to Beijing when they returned to China. Li Ning specially waited until everyone got off the plane before leaving. He deliberately avoided the crowd of the reception hall and wanted to leave the Capital Airport without being found by anyone.

    Li Ning

    Unexpectedly, there was still a sharp -eyed staff who recognized him in the passage and said to him: "Li Ning, where do you fall well, you actually ran there (the Olympic Games) fell!"

    The speaker may be unintentional, and the listener must be attentive.For a while, Li Ning was ashamed and complacent, and could only lower his head to the end of the channel.

    Li Ning is his own frustration, and the Chinese women's volleyball team is a huge embarrassment in the entire team.

    As the defending champion, and the Chinese women's volleyball team that won the "Five -List of Five Crusade" in the "Five -Layers and 1986, 1982, 1986), and the Los Angeles Olympic Games (1982, 1986), and the Los Angeles Olympic Games (1982, 1986), and the Los Angeles Olympic Games (1982, 1986)Following more attention than Li Ning.

    The spirit of the women's volleyball girls stubbornly struggling is known as the "Women's Volleyball Spirit". They are the most promising teams of the Chinese Legion to compete for team project medals.Although Lang Ping, Sun Jinfang, Zhang Rongfang and other veterans have retired, the Chinese women's volleyball team is still highly expected, and fans hope that they can achieve great achievements in Seoul.

    Lang Equal Man

    How disappointment is expected.In the first stage of the group stage, the Chinese women's volleyball team was generally favored by the South American Power Brigade, and fell to the second group;I lost 0-15 when I came up in a game, and was shaved by the Soviet team!

    Although the bronze medal battle defeated another South American strong team Brazil, the first game also lost 2-15, which broke the Chinese people's glasses.

    Here is a little explanation. At that time, the volleyball score rules were different from the current 25 points at each game+15 points for the winning game, but 15 points for each game.

    At that time, if you want to score, you must hold the right to serve yourself. When the serving right is in the opponent's hand, the opponent can always score as long as the opponent does not lose the right to serve, so there will be a large score of 0-15 such exaggerated scores.

    Women's volleyball team

    Compared with the Triumph of Los Angeles four years ago, this time the Chinese women's volleyball team missed the gold medal, and no one went to pick up the aircraft when returning to China. The fans were very dissatisfied with the team's performance.The feeling of two days.

    There are many objective reasons for losing. For example, this women's queuing failed to perform new and old alternates in time after losing Lang Ping and Zhang Rongfang.

    But the more important reason is that the development of the Chinese women's volleyball team has stagnated itself.

    The famous writer Zhao Yu wrote in the sports literature book "Soldiers and Seoul" that the reason why the Chinese women's volleyball team achieved was not as good as four years ago. One of the very important reasons was that they were backward at the technical and tactical level.

    Lang Ping

    The success of four years ago in Los Angeles not only benefited from the super scorer such as Lang Ping at that time, but also the use of the Chinese women's volleyball team's use and innovation of women's volleyball technology, leading the development trend of the World Women's Volleyball Team: the technology is comprehensive, the small balls are connected to, Single -foot jumping ball (back to fly) play, staircase blocker, etc.

    These technologies are the magic weapon of the Chinese women's volleyball team, and not the "women's volleyball spirit" that people always talk about.

    Zhao Yu bluntly pointed out that she couldn't solve the problem when she shouted "Dare to fight and fight" on her mouth. Such a women's volleyball spirit is a source of water and no wood.

    After Yuan Weimin's guidance retreat, the Chinese women's volleyball team has been changing coaches in the Seoul Olympics cycle, which has greatly affected the systemic and inheritance of the team's management.

    Lang Ping (right)

    At that time, Li Yaoxian's qualifications were still unable to convince the crowd, and they could not solve problems such as the decline in physical fitness of the old players, and the psychological quality of the new players and did not get the experience of the competition.

    The training of non -systems naturally caused a level of decline. At the Olympic Games, the two most critical links of serving and a pass. When facing the powerful Soviet team, they broke out.

    In the end, in the entire Seoul Olympics, the total score of the Chinese Legion was 5 gold, 11 silver and 12 copper. The silver and bronze medals improved compared with four years ago, but the gold medal was 10 less.Many Jinjin advantage projects encountered Waterloo, and many athletes encountered the embarrassment of Li Ning and the women's volleyball team.

    From the perspective of the number of gold medals, the Seoul Olympic Games has pulled the altar in the good rise of the Chinese delegation in Los Angeles four years ago in Los Angeles.

    Women's volleyball team

    From a subjective reason, after the reform and opening up, my country's comprehensive strength has been greatly strengthened, and the development of sports has been put on the agenda.

    After several years of hard work, coupled with the huge population base of my country, participating in the Olympic Games, winning medals, and even gold medals have become the goal of my country's sports delegation.

    Although he did not participate in the Moscow Olympic Games in 1980, the strength of the sports delegation in my country at that time had reached the level of impacting the Olympic gold medal.

    For example, the Chinese women's volleyball team's five consecutive championships and Li Ning won 6 championships in the 1982 World Cup gymnastics competition. There are also advantageous projects such as shooting, weightlifting, and table tennis. The huge breakthrough in the Los Angeles Olympics can be said to be a success.

    Of course, the above we are talking about technical analysis from the perspective of sports competition.You know, sports have never been related to politics, especially the Olympic Games with strong political colors.

    Li Ning

    The impact of the international situation on the Olympic Games is huge. After all, athletes are based on the country. If a country does not participate in the Olympic Games, the most serious losses are the outstanding athletes of the country.

    And to what extent the international situation in the 1980s?The world is shrouded in the shadow of the more and more cold war. In the two Olympic Games before the Seoul, political resistance of the Olympic Games has occurred.

    As we all know, the Cold War of the United States and the Soviet Union was the main theme of the second half of the last century, and the two Olympic Games in 1980 and 1984 were held in these two countries:

    In 1980, the Moscow Olympics, due to the invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, caused most of the countries in the world headed by Western capitalist countries to express their indignation of the Soviet agency's aggression. The sanctions method was to resist the Moscow Olympics.

    Moscow Olympic Games

    That Olympic Games was regarded as the lowest gold content in history. The Soviet delegation was behind hundreds of gold medals. It was absent from the American power -led sports power. The competitive factors were completely snatched by political factors.

    By 1984, the Olympic fire came to Los Angeles, USA, and some socialist countries (excluding my country) headed by the Soviet Union chose to resist the Olympic Games.

    According to statistics, in 1984, there were 159 members of the International Olympic Committee, and 140 countries and regions participating in the Los Angeles Olympics. There were 19 countries and regions that resisted and did not participate for some reason.Democratic Germany (East Germany).

    They all have good golden strength in the Olympic Games. These athletes cannot participate, which means that these countries' advantage in the Olympic Games have appeared vacuum, and these vacuums need to be filled by other countries.

    Los Angeles Olympics

    Objectively speaking, the Chinese delegation can win 15 gold medals at the 1984 Olympic Games, which is directly related to this reason.

    In the Seoul in 1988, dramatic changes have taken place in the international situation.

    After the Soviet political situation experienced a series of turmoil, it began to fall into the West in an all -round way, and the socialist national camp has appeared irreversible looseness.These countries have obtained more autonomous space, and they have come to participate in the Olympic Games.

    According to statistics, a total of 159 countries and regions registered by the International Olympic Committee at that time, all of which participated in the Seoul Olympics.During the Barcelona Olympic Games four years later, the Soviet Union had disintegrated, the Eastern European politics changed dramatically, and the Seoul Olympic Games became the Olympic Games of all members of the first member.

    From the perspective of the number of athletes, the US delegation sent 612 athletes in Seoul, 524 Soviets, and 467 hosts in the host -as a comparison, during the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the number of athletes participating in the host Chinese delegation was 639, and finally won 51Gold medal.

    Seoul Olympic Games

    In 1988, the total number of athletes of the Chinese delegation was about 300. At that time, the athletes in our country did not have dozens of golden points like this. Most athletes were difficult to win the medal.

    Therefore, four years ago, the Chinese delegation had many advantageous projects. This time, facing extremely fierce competition, Chinese athletes were obviously insufficient for this.

    Not preparing for difficulties, plus many athletes are not plagued by injuries and new and old alternation (Li Ning, women's volleyball), or the peak of age is over (Xu Haifeng). The good results four years ago have greatly raised the nationals to the people.Expecting value.This is the saying that "soldiers defeat Hancheng".

    However, the Chinese delegation pays more attention to the objective laws of sports, practicing and innovation, and inspiring the governance. Finally, after four years, the Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain came back.Essence

    Barcelona Olympic Games

    According to the standard of the Seoul Olympic Games, the Rio Olympics is also a "defeat" for the Chinese delegation.

    It is still mentioned in the beginning of the article. At the 2016 Rio Olympics, the Chinese delegation also encountered "Waterloo". There were only 26 gold medals, which was 12 less than the London Olympics four years ago.Fall to third.

    However, the sports fans of the Chinese sports delegation and even the whole country can already look at the results of the Olympic Games.The reason is as follows: Victory or defeat is common. It is normal for the athletes to fluctuate in the performance of athletes. The people have more understanding of the athletes. They can be more tolerant and understanding than before.

    In addition, my country's comprehensive national strength has been greatly enhanced, and it is no longer necessary to look at the athlete's achievements with the vision of "only gold".

    Seoul Olympic Games

    At the time of the four -year Olympic Games, everyone can appreciate the beauty of the sports competition itself calmly and appreciate the "higher and faster and stronger" Olympic spirit.

    What's more, the next Tokyo Olympics, the Chinese delegation successfully "recovered the land": 38 gold medals almost defeated the traditional overlord American team (39 gold) on the gold medal list.

    Moreover, the distribution of silver and bronze medals is also very average. There are many advantageous projects than before. Most of the events participating in the athletes are well competitive.

    In addition, our athletes have won respect from the world with a good image of the sun and cheerfulness and struggling.

    Tokyo Olympics

    In a fashionable words, "there are always Barcelona after Seoul, and there are always Tokyo after Rio."

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