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[转帖] Our school hosts the sixth oil and chemical enterprise sustainable development forum

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    On December 15th,Popular event sites the 6th Petroleum and Chemical Enterprise Sustainable Development Forum jointly sponsored by East China University of Technology Business School, Alumni Association, Jinlianchuang Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Zhongnenglin Technology Co., Ltd.The forum is based on the theme of "The Value Value of Carbon Positive" ESG has promoted low -carbon high -quality development ", which attracted more than 200 petrochemical industry elite companies, traders, financial institutions, investment institutions, and chemical parks to gather on the scene.

    Former Chairman of the State -owned Assets Supervision and Supervisory Board of the State Council, Liu Shunda, former party secretary and chairman of the Datang Group Corporation of China, Wang Zhongying, former director of the Institute of Energy Research Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission, Wang Zhongying, expert member of the 4th National Climate Change Expert Committee, founderHuang Haixin, co -chairman, and Zang Huawen, chairman of Suzhou Zhongnengli Technology Co., Ltd., participated in the forum.Yan Haifeng, the vice president of our school, attended the forum and delivered a speech, and Ma Tieju, the dean of the business school presided over the opening ceremony.

    In his speech, Yan Haifeng said that with the increasingly serious global climate change, ESG has become a mainstream consensus. As the pillar industry of the national economy, the petrochemical industry should vigorously strengthen ESG construction.East China University of Science and Technology has deep discipline accumulation and rich scientific research results in the field of petrochemical industry, especially in low -carbon technology and clean production.It is hoped that through this forum to build an industry exchange platform, share research results, promote technological innovation, and create a new chapter in the green development of the petrochemical industry in China.

    Liu Shunda delivered a keynote speech on the title of "Modernization of Information -Leading System", explaining the current situation and future trends of the petrochemical industry, and introduced the new path of promoting the green development of enterprises and achieving dual carbon targets with informationization.

    Caption: Liu Shunda delivered a keynote speech

    Wang Zhongying spoke with the title of "China Energy Transformation Outlook", and pointed out that promoting the reform of the energy system and the development of the green low -carbon economy has become an important strategic choice for my country's maintenance of sustainable development, and put forward specific measures and suggestions for realizing energy transformation. Essence

    Caption: Wang Zhongying delivered a keynote speech

    Ma Tieju and Zang Huawen jointly unveiled the Carbon neutralization and the Green Chemical Industry Research Center.The center was jointly sponsored by our school's business school, the School of Chemical Engineering and Suzhou Zhongnengli Technology Co., Ltd., and aims to promote the research of domestic carbon neutralization and green chemical industry through the way of integration of production, university, research, and research.Essence

    Caption: The unveiling ceremony of the Carbon neutralization and the Green Chemical Industry Research Center

    The theme forums are carried out around the two themes of "macro situation and policy interpretation" and "challenges and opportunities, changes and paths".Zang Huawen, Zhu Junming, deputy dean of the School of Public Management of Tsinghua University, Wang Zhuqi, Director of Jinlianchuang Chemical Research Consulting, Bin Hui, deputy general manager of Shanghai Environmental Energy Exchange, Wu Hao, Director of Low Carbon Center, Sinopec Petrochemical Science Research Institute, ShandongZhang Qingfeng, a member of the Expert Committee of the Provincial Energy Bureau and the senior engineer, Yu Ning, the director of the smart building technology and solution of Jiangsen self -controlled China, Gong Wanbin, the founder of the one -meter and one platform, the chairman of the EPD Promotion Center Technology Committee, Wan XingThe party secretary of the School of Resources and Environmental Engineering of our school, Xiu Guangli and Ma Tieju made the theme.Jiang Zhiqiang, deputy secretary of the party committee of the Business School, and Shao Shuai, deputy dean, presided over the forum.

    Caption: The guests made the theme of the guests

    Since 2015, our school has successfully held the sixth China Petroleum and Chemical Sustainable Development Forum.More than 3,000 guests from the institution participated in the meeting. More than a hundred experts and scholars gave speeches. Nearly a hundred media participated in the reports.The China Petroleum and Chemical Sustainable Development Forum has become an important benchmark event leading to the development of the petrochemical industry, and has a wide range of industry and social influence.The school will meet the needs of the times, continue to cooperate closely with all sectors of society, and jointly inject new impetus into the environment, society, and governance capabilities to promote the innovative application of ESG concepts and practices.

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