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[转帖] Taikang Life Insurance Guizhou Liupan Water Center Branch was fined 120,000 yuan.

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    On December 25,breaking news website 2023, the State Administration of Financial Supervision and Administration's Liupan Water Supervision Branch issued an open form of administrative punishment information (Six Gold Supervision and Punishment [2023] No. 1), Taikang Life Insurance Guizhou Liupan Water Center Branch) Be punished for misleading and false propaganda.According to the public table, the company's main violations of laws and regulations are "misleading and false propaganda."

    In accordance with Article 116 and 161 of the "Insurance Law of the People's Republic of China", the Liupan Water Supervision Branch of the State Administration of Finance and Administration of Financial Supervision and Administration made an administrative penalty decision on Taikang Life Insurance Guizhou Liupan Water Center Branch: a fine of 120,000 yuan.The date of the decision to make this penalty is December 14, 2023.

    Article 116 of the Insurance Law of the People's Republic of China: Insurance companies and their staff shall not have the following behaviors in insurance business activities: (1) deception insured, insurer or beneficiary; (2)Concealing important situations related to the insurance contract; (3) hinders the insurer's obligation to fulfill the truthful notification obligations stipulated in this Law, or induce the obligation of truthful informs in the provisions of this Law;The insurance premium or other interests other than the beneficiary insurance contract agreed; (5) refusal to perform compensation or pay the insurance premium obligations in accordance with the law; (6) deliberately fabricated the non -incurred insurance accidents, fictional insurance contracts, or intentional exaggeration to exaggerate.The degree of loss of insurance accidents is carried out for false claims, defrauding insurance premiums or getting other improper benefits; (7) misappropriation, interception, and occupation of insurance premiums;9) Use the insurance business for other institutions or individuals to obtain unfair interests; (10) use insurance agents, insurance agents or insurance assessment agencies to engage in illegal activities such as fictional insurance intermediary business or fabrication and surrender costs; (11) It will damage the business reputation of competitors by fabricating, spreading false facts, etc., or disturb the insurance market order in other improper competition;Commercial Secrets; (13) Violation of other actions stipulated by laws, administrative regulations, and other acts stipulated by the State Council's insurance supervision and management agencies.

    Article 161 of the Insurance Law of the People's Republic of China: If the insurance company violates the provisions of this Law and operates exceeding the scope of business, the insurance supervision and management agency shall order correction within a time limit, confiscate illegal income, and obtain more than double the lawFor more than doubled fines; if there is no illegal income or less than 100,000 yuan of illegal income, a fine of more than 500,000 yuan is 100,000 yuan.If it does not correct or cause serious consequences, it is ordered to suspend business or revoke a business license.

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