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[转帖] Running on the hot search, actress apologize: I'm sorry for Brother Zhou Huajian

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    On December 31,今日头条 2023, the New Year's Eve, actress Mencius released Weibo to apologize to Zhou Huajian.

    The full text of this Weibo is: "I'm sorry Brother Zhou Huajian, I'm sorry, I really try my best, Happy New Year!"

    At the same time, the two entries related to Mencius rushed to the hot search.These two entries are: Mencius's running tone is very prominent, Mencius ’s opening scare me.

    At the New Year's Eve concert held in Jiangsu Satellite TV, Zhou Huajian and Mencius and other artists sang the song "Let me happy to make me worry".However, Mencius's singing was "run through the whole process" by netizens.In addition, because of the live broadcast, Mencius's running sound obviously crossed other chorus.

    Probably to respond to the above -mentioned vomiting, Mencius said on Weibo after the concert and sorry to Zhou Huajian and his fans, and also used a kneeling cartoon expression.

    For Mencius's apology, some fans said that "I feel very good", "I feel pretty cute, hahahahaha, don't be so serious", some netizens teased that "this time he heard it really sang"Essence

    Some netizens' comments are not so "polite". "Practice it first if you don't sing, and concentrate on being an actor if you can't sing". "To be honest, I am a fan of Zhou Huajian and will feel angry."

    Public information shows that Mencius Yiyi was born in Changchun City, Jilin Province on December 5, 1995. He has graduated from the acting department of Beijing Film Academy.Representative works are "Wu Shen Zhao Zilong", "Hua Liuli Anecdotes", "Heroes of the Condor Heroes" and so on.

    Source | Jiupai News Comprehensive

    Original title: "Running on the hot search, actress apologize: I'm sorry for Brother Zhou Huajian"

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