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[转帖] DAY5 Selected Review | 2023 Psychological 5th Talk#Everyone is a psychologist

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    Guo Yong(Director of the Medical Psychology Department of the former Naval General Hospital,热门事件 professor, graduate mentor)

    Teacher Guo Yong first asked everyone to think about a question, "In this life, do you prepare a leg to walk or walk with two legs?" This is the two aspects of physical health and mental health.Wolfberry, red dates, and thermos cups are committed to maintaining our physical health. The other leg is to maintain our mental health.Both health and mental health are indispensable.

    Teacher Guo Yong believesThe premise of psychological health care is that we must first understand yourself, understand yourself, understand the parts you know, and understand the parts you don't know.Regarding how to know yourself is a composition that has to be completed, Mr. Guo Yong put forward the following parts about writing this composition:

    (1) I know I know

    (2) I know I don't know

    (3) I don't know I know

    (4) I don't know I don't know

    I hope that everyone can write their own compositions from the following four aspects, understand themselves, and understand that they are a lifetime. Of course, people can also choose to live a lifetime, but if you understand yourself, it must be better.

    So how to do psychological health construction is to actively improve their psychological ability. Teacher Guo proposed the following points:

    The first is to focus on improving cognitive abilityIn psychologyCognitive leading behavior, cognition produces emotionsEssenceIn order to improve your cognitive ability, you can better understand the world and get along with the world.

    The second is to build a good interpersonal relationship,There must be three or five confidants, two or three friends.If people want to make a recorder, they only need to record the content to be recorded. What is the content of the content, as long as it is accepted.

    The third is to be your own master,Learn to adjust, control, your own emotions and behaviors.The balloon had no air, and we blow it up.

    The fourth is to build a strong pattern,Do not be troubled by the outside world, learn to accept reality.

    How to understand the pattern?

    We can imagine that a pot of cold water is splashed into the steelmaking furnace. The temperature in the steelmaking will not be reduced for a while, and it is not affected by the negative energy of this pot of cold water.Is it a small thing?

    When we have more positive energy, we will not be affected by negative energy.

    The fifth point is to build a good personality characteristics,We often say that Jiangshan is easy to change nature, but in fact, nature can be changed. When we have good personality characteristics, we will definitely benefit for life.

    Finally, Teacher Guo mentioned,People should be tolerant like endless sea, tolerance and acceptance.

    Self-cognition and awareness-Psychology's exploration and response to "three questions in life"


    Lin Yanzheng(Assistant professor of the Department of Social Sciences, Taiwan Air University, Director of the Taiwan Consultation Psychology Society of China)

    Yang Jiyi(Doctor of Psychology, registered clinical psychologist in the United States)

    Zhang Hongchuan(Doctor of Cognitive Neurology, Director of the Institute of Economic and Psychological, Central University of Finance and Economics)

    The three teachers first exchanged the importance of three questions in life. The significance of these issues was that it provided an important way for self -exploration. The search for the answer to the question enables us to verify the self -growth, self -meaning and self -realization of individuals.

    The process of this exploration also prompted a deeper relationship between people, enabling us to better interact with others.

    Teacher Zhang Hongchuan believes that we think about these issues,it may be becauseOur life lacks happiness and satisfaction.Even if we have rich material wealth, it is difficult to fill the cave in our hearts. This empty hole is the meaning of our existence.When we have these questions and find answers in 徨 and anxiety, it is the opportunity to find new meaning in life.

    Based on neuroscience and work experience, Teacher Zhang explained how people recognize themselves from the perspective of physiology.Neuroscience research found that when people cognitive self, the frontal lobe of the inner side was activated. When people cognitive others, the frontal lobe on the back was activated, and when the child cognitive ego was moreThe site activation.

    This also means that in young people, individuals are more eager to understand themselves in the eyes of others rather than their own eyes, which constitutes the goal of individual future development.Therefore, the individual's self -awareness is not a journey of loneliness, but in interaction with others.

    In terms of exploring his sense of value, Teacher Yang suggested starting from small things.Discover your own value through daily life experience,Don't have to complete a complete exploration of yourself at the beginning.

    Teacher Lin mentioned the course of life and death psychology. By leaving homework for students, letting them write a will, to explore the meaning of life and plan to meet their expectations.

    The three teachers shared their respective experiences, emphasizing the learning of psychology to help us see our true ourselves and explore the existence of the depths of our hearts, rather than relying too much on external redemption.

    When involving an unpleasant experience, someone may not want to explore their hearts in depth, because this process will definitely be full of discomfort.

    This discussion finally mentioned problems that often occur during consultation and self -exploration. How can we promote an individual?

    Both Teacher Lin and Teacher Yang talked about visitors during the consultation process. Visitors are likely to observe whether the consultant is willing to listen to their painful experiences or even involve the topic of death.If the consultant shows his willingness to listen, the visitor is more likely to talk to.

    We need courage,I believe there are precious gifts in the darkness of the heart.Teacher Lin mentioned that in the early days of consultation, visitors may become more chaotic, because people often face some unpleasant experience in the process of self -exploration.

    The problem of visitors is like opening Pandora's box, and many shadows may be revealed in our hearts, revealing the gap between our shortcomings and reality and ideals.However,The true value of psychology is to let people see the real self, let individuals see the possibility of developing and realizing potential in their expectations.

    Human darkness and light are complementary. The unpleasant experience when we look in and watching ourselves inward can be an opportunity to discover the inner power of self.

    Is it happier to let go of "personal quality"?


    Guo Yong(Director of the Medical Psychology Department of the former Naval General Hospital, professor, graduate mentor)

    Li Chaoxu(Ph.D. in Psychology, Professor of Psychological College of Qufu Normal University, the main translator of Stenberg)

    Zhou RuoyuIn

    A very hot sentence recently:Let go of your personal qualities, enjoy the lack of virtue, and refuse the mental internal consumption. If you have something directly, it is better to embarrass others.The three teachers started a fiery discussion.

    Teacher Zhou Ruoyu said,It is not agreed to the way to go crazy in the event of somethingBecause the things brought about by crazy are positive in the short term, but in the long run, it may be negative.

    For example, we all know that the mental stress during the doctoral doctor is very strong. A doctoral student expresses his dissatisfaction with academic pressure through a "crazy" way.The academic standards, for a long time, doctoral students are facing difficult to graduate. Although he briefly alleviates academic pressure, it has indeed affected his graduation in the long run.

    Of course, there is another situation. For example, in the face of a boyfriend who wants to control her, girls choose to "crazy" directly, and boys will realize that the life of controlling girlfriends is incorrect, and two people can developMore healthy relationships.

    Therefore, when using the strategy of crazy crazy, you must distinguish the occasion. For example, when facing the teacher and leader, do not use this strategy. It is easy to be hit into the "cold palace" by the other party.In the face of some situations that have no gain for life, this strategy may be effective.But in the end, you must learn to refuse and learn to control your emotions.

    Teacher Guo analyzed the release from the level of psychological health and psychological counselingThe issue of personal quality.Teacher Guo gave an example in life. When we took a plastic bag with a heavy thing home, we walked more and more. If you threw it at this time, this is a very negativeProcessing;

    If we find a way, when we think about something to pad a pad, we will feel that it is not so good. In the end, we can take the things home. This is called active response;

    Another way is to have negative complaints (also known as crazy), complain about plastic bags, complain about the country (no place to build supermarkets nearby), complain about the family (the husband does not come to help), complain about the child (the child does not know), the child does not know),Complaining about life, in this case of complaints, the feeling of Le Hand will be magnified.soIt is not a positive thing when it comes to trouble when it happens, and it cannot solve the problem from the root.

    Li Chaoxu believes that "crazy" requires specific problems and specific analysis. For example, a rural woman, the village chief asked him to pay the village. At this time, she chose to put down her personal quality and work with the village chief to oppose the money.A good result.And when an individual is in a state of grievances, it is understandable to vent and vent, and even a lot of trouble can be understood. For example, we can find a phenomenon that good patients do not live long.Sometimes people can't suppress themselves too much.

    Teacher Li also explained the phenomenon of young people crazy. After 00, due to the growth of material rich material, in fact, the psychological stability of psychological health is very high, and the personality does not have much shadow, but the post -00s are also deprived of the meaning of life.Many generations, many of them live under the suppression of parents, so after 00, they pay more attention to mental liberation. They should be crazy when they are crazy. Don't be wronged.

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