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[转帖] Discovering the interest of life in walking, Hao Lei: Sincerity is the best acting skills

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       With the life experience of six celebrities guests,Exclusive information website the popular interview program "Living in Each Life" jointly presented by the real estate brand and Jia Zhangke, which I love my family and Jia Zhangke, will be on December 20 this Wednesday.TV ushered in a successful conclusion.

      From the first period, Jia Zhangke and Dapeng talked about the bravery lives in Beijing in Beijing, to the second issue to see Ni Hongjie get rid of the "flattering personality" and choose to follow the voice of his heart, listen to Liu Lian singing in the theme song "Endless" singing outThe struggle and persistence of each ordinary person, learn Lian Yirui about the "little knowledge" about the ideal city and supporting reconstruction process, and then look at Xu Weizhou about what loves.

      The column is based on "every kind of life is worth seeing" as the core, with a shot language with a very beautiful aesthetic style, in the blending and collision of each other, trace back to everyone’s growth choices, lead the audience to approach different lives, and succeed in success.Win extensive attention and praise.

      In the final episode of the last issue, guest Hao Lei used sincerity and love to capture the subtle changes in the world, and use the seriousness of professional performance to achieve the freedom of performance.In the dialogue with Director Jia Zhangke, she used enthusiasm and sincere words to wake up everyone who was confused because she insisted on professionalism, and also painted a complete end for the show.

      Hao Lei: "Treating majors, only sincerity"

      When talking about Hao Lei, no one can ignore her prosperous and plump art life.Hao Lei has liked to dance, sing, and dance. Since the age of 4, she has shown outstanding performance talents on the stage. Although the cause is accidental, she is really a "child" full of courage and confidence.

      At the age of 15, she filmed the first movie "Green Apple Red Apple", which won praise with her portrayal of high school students.Subsequently, she was successfully admitted to the Shanghai Academy of Drama, started her acting career, and portrayed one classic role one after another on the screen.

      Most people think that the talent of science actors is almost engraved in their genes, but in fact, performing this matter, like most industries, require professional and sincere.

      Talking about her experience in the show before, Hao Lei said that she often went to observe the characters in the streets. The most impressive was the cafe in Shanghai, and the old man in the sun.She found the fun of life during walking and accumulated inspiration for her performance.

      In the competitive variety show, she was sharply evaluated by many audiences as "dare to say", but for Hao Lei, she just faced the truth about the facts of her professionalism.Because of the love of the industry, we must say sincerely. This is the attitude that should be faced with a professional."In any industry, if no one is sincere in the profession, what else can I be sincere? I hope to see Chinese movies better, I also want to see more good actors."

      Hao Lei in life is also trying to approach the role of "Hao Lei".

      In her opinion: "Everything has developed too fast, and then the technology is developing too fast, so everyone seems to live in life too much, and life sometimes becomes like a luxury. So everyone has to work hardBecause life may require more effort to relax and comfortable. "

      When she took off the Chinese suit on the screen and the halo of the character, Hao Lei was the ordinary person who sought smooth footsteps in life.

      She strives to immerse herself in daily trivial, whether it is the appearance of a business trip as a home, or like cooking food, or reading a favorite book on a quiet night, trying to figure out the character's inner worldLook.Every moment, she tried her best to feel and cherish, just like treating a role and living with heart and sincerely.

      At the end of the show, she hoped: "Everything is quiet, go more and more frankly and comfortably facing every very small thing in life", truly live in the present, and live in a "self -wild" life.

      Six people and six colors, interpret the wonderful life of the six scenes

      Hao Lei used her sincerity and frankly to draw a perfect end to the column of "Living in Each Life". At the same time, it also conveyed the audience. "To embrace the attitude towards life of every wonderful moment.

      Such concepts coincide with the original intention of "Living in Each Life": the program is not only a window to show stars and various professional lifestyles, but also encourages people to explore and understand with an open and sincere attitude.The diversity of life.

      In the past program of "Entering Each Life", from the samples of six guests, we saw the shadow in each of our ordinary people's lives: it was the one when he first entered the society for his dreams.For a moment, the reality "cleaned up"; just had a set of LOFTs that belonged to your own, sitting happily on the carpet to enjoy the warm sunlight; it was to choose to cherish the current environment and residence, and live with appreciation eyes to live with appreciation eyes.Enter every paragraph of life & hellip; & hellip;

      "Living in Every Life" also tells us that on the way to chasing our dreams, each of us can be as passionate and brave as Dapeng.Facing the "flattering personality", we can reconcile ourselves like Ni Hongjie and follow the true thoughts of our hearts; in the face of sudden anxiety, don't be nervous, because Liu Lian told us "it is often because of our choice."

      Of course, we can also use Lian Yi's eye -like appreciation to live in every time of us; like Xu Weizhou, use every kind of love to shape a complete self; finally, like Hao Lei, treat career and professionalism, and treat careers and majors, and treat careers and majors.As always, choose sincere and true.

      Behind the popularity of "Living in Each Life", not only reflects the public's demand for high -quality content, but also reflects people's recognition of diverse life. It fully proves that excellent humanistic works can cross the age and circle, and directly hit the circle.The audience's souls and emotional resonance.

      In just two months, "Living in Each Life" accompanied us to spend a good period of time, not only surpassing the expectations of the audience with vivid documentary content, but also actively spread the core socialist coreValue.The audience not only witnessed the diversity of various life, but also felt the warmth of the home and the power of accompaniment, and got spiritual comfort and emotional satisfaction.

      This warmth and companionship is the core concept I love my family who always adheres to and advocate.No matter where we are, whether we meet offline in real life, or online interaction in virtual space, I love my family with "accompany 1.4 billion people into every kind of life" as the mission, and will accompany this companionship to accompany this partner.Live to every corner.

      Since the establishment of 23 years, I love my family has always taken the mission of "stimulating everyone, every family, and every city about home". Based on user needs and helping each city struggle, they can find a sense of belonging and accompany them to accompany them.Better to grow up in the city.

      Back to history, I love my family has successfully transformed from a simple "real estate transaction intermediary" into a "happy life serviceman".However, with the advent of the new era, greater challenges and opportunities have also appeared.Faced with more diversified and more complicated consumer needs, and the eager pursuit of consumers for a better life, I love all my agents in my family will further assume the role of "diverse life -assisted persons".

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