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[转帖] San is full of star!Analysts: Intel (INTC.US) will eventually split, and the stock price is expected to soar by 50%of the broadcast articles

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    Intel (INTC.US) has bet most of its future betting on its foundry business,Exclusive information website because it hopes to be feasible competitors such as TSM.US and Samsung Electronics (SSNLF.us).Although investors are becoming more and more optimistic about the company's progress in foundry, artificial intelligence and other fields, it may have more upward space, even if it may not come at the same time.

    The Northland Capital Markets analyst Gus Richard gave Intel a rating of "Winning Hiring".He believes that the company led by Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger may eventually split into five independent companies -MOBILEYE, Altera, foundries, IMS nano manufacturing and product companies -the total value of each part will reach$ 68 per share.According to this valuation, Intel's stock price will be about 50%higher than the closing last Friday.Richard wrote: "These separate companies may be more valuable than the entity after the merger. In our opinion, the problem is the timing of each spin -off."

    Mobileye and Altera

    Richard believes that the remaining value of Intel in Mobileye may be as high as US $ 30 billion.Intel stripped part of Mobileye's shares in October 2022.The value of its programmable solution group (previously known as Altera) may reach $ 12 billion, which is about 5 times the income of the past 12 months.

    In October, Intel announced that he intends to separate the PSG business into an independent business and take effect from January 1 next year to continue to simplify its larger business.The PSG Group is responsible for the advancement of Intel to high -performance communication and data center applications. After becoming an independent company, the group will be led by Sandra Rivera.At present, Rivera is the general manager of Intel Data Center and Artificial Intelligence Group.

    Intel launched the GAUDI3 of artificial intelligence (AI) chip at the "AI Everywhere" conference held by Intel, hoping to get a greater share in the booming AI hardware market.GAUDI3 is planned to be officially launched next year, and it will be competing with other AI chips -such as H100 and AMD (AMD.US) of Nvda.us, such as Nvda.us, to compete.Intel said GAUDI3's performance will be better than Nvidia's H100.

    Gelsinger hopes to re -revive the company's business with the help of the AI boom. Intel has been severely damaged for past mistakes and a wider personal computer market.At the same time, its long -term competitors AMD have seized part of the share of the personal computer and server market, and some of Intel's largest customers have now begun to design chips.Gelsinger believes that AI represents the advent of the new era and creates a huge opportunity. The more sufficient, more powerful, and cost -effective processing capabilities are the key components of future economic growth. "10 years will be increased to 15 times. "

    According to the data, Intel GAUDI3 will use a 5nm process. The bandwidth is 1.5 times that of the previous generation GAUDI2 (7nm process). The BF16 power is 4 times that its network computing power is 2 times.GAUDI3 is expected to be equipped with a maximum HBM3E memory with a maximum 128GB of HBM3E, which has greatly improved AI learning and training.Intel said that due to the growing and verified performance advantages, as well as the highly competitive TCO (overall cost) and pricing advantage, GAUDI3 is expected to take a larger share of the market with the leading AI chip kit in 2024.


    The third entity will be an independent wafer factories. Richard said that this may eventually become the world's second largest wafer factories, second only to TSMC.Richard wrote: "Intel may be the only feasible alternative of TSMC, especially in high -performance applications such as artificial intelligence integrated circuits, CPUs, GPUs and FPGAs."

    Earlier, ASML.US, the Netherlands, said that the company has begun to transport the core components of its first latest chip manufacturing machine to the chip factory owned by American chip manufacturer Intel.According to media reports, insiders who do not want to disclose their names revealed that the core component of the most advanced system, which is known as the High-NA extremely UV (EUV) light carving machine (EUV) lithography machine (High-NA Extreme Ultraviolet), has been transported to Intel in Oregon.The D1X chip factory means that the ambitions of Intel's fully shift to the foundation of chip foundry are the most powerful optical technology help.

    This technology is of great significance to both technology giants, and these two companies are the most important leaders of the chip manufacturing industry.Gelsinger has promised that the chip manufacturer he led by him will get the first new machine, which shows that he is committed to leading Intel's backbrine of the world.As far as Asmi is concerned, its purpose of launching this new technology is to help Intel and TSMC chip manufacturers overcome the chip manufacturing technology of 2nm and below nodes, and to keep the entire chip manufacturing industry maintain its highest -end optical carvings equipment equipment equipment equipmentrely.

    He estimates that the company's internal manufacturing revenue this year is about $ 20 billion, so it is calculated based on 5 times income -TSMC, GFS.US, and UMC.US are also a similar multiple -foundryBusiness value may reach $ 100 billion.

    Richard talked about Intel's 18A foundry technology technology, which has brought victory to several customers, and 18A PDK 0.9. He said that this is "an important milestone in Intel as the development of foundry."He also said that packaging is beginning to become a differentiated factor. In the third quarter, Intel added two packaging customers, and six were being prepared.

    IMS nano manufacturing business

    In addition, Intel has sold approximately 30%of its IMS nano -manufacturing business to two partners -Bain Capital and TSMC -approximately $ 4.3 billion.

    Product business

    In the end, Intel's product business seems to be improved, especially if the personal computer business rebounds in 2024, Intel's share in the personal computer and server market can stabilize.Richard wrote: "We expect Intel to re -lead the leading position in technology in 2025. Therefore, the market share of servers and personal computers should be at least stabilized." He pointed out that 2025 may be the "strong year of a strong year of personal computers", Part of the reason is the injection of artificial intelligence.

    Richard pointed out that Intel's product business (excluding foundry, Mobileye, and Altera) created a $ 49 billion income this year.As an independent littering company, its market value may be as high as 147 billion US dollars, which is about three times its income. This does not include a $ 90 billion real estate, factory and equipment on the balance sheet.

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