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[转帖] "People's Livelihood Warm Heart" series of reports in the beautiful home in the smile: Let the ecological "good scenery" become a "good life" broadcast article

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    The实时新闻 star track map taken by photography enthusiasts.Interviewee confession

    "I took the star track in Beihai Park!" "This requires the atmosphere to be transparent, and the visibility is high." Photographer Zeng Zhiqiang recalled the shooting experience and said excitedly, which is related to the continuous improvement of air quality.Today, more and more photography enthusiasts like Zeng Zhiqiang like to show "sky blue" in the circle of friends.

    In 2023, the Central Economic Work Conference clearly requested that "in -depth promotion of ecological civilization construction and development of green low -carbon" "continuously intensive blue sky, blue water, and pure land to defend".

    Knowing the sound of birds in the mountains, knowing fish nature, and the smile of the people are the most vivid footnote of ecological answers.Since the beginning of this year, my country has accelerated the pace of ecological protection and restoration, and further practicing the environment is people's livelihood, Qingshan is beautiful, and the blue sky is also a happy concept. The green, the water is getting clearer.

    Ecological tube guards on the horse: ensure that "one river flows to the east"

    Tibetan siblings are called Jiatang Grassland in the core area of Sanjiangyuan.Interviewee confession

    "Motorcycles can't ride horses, walking where the horses can't reach". This is a mantra of the guardian of the Sanjiangyuan National Park in Qinghai.Essence

    "Look at it, the head of the head!" Dami Qinghai, the source of Sanjiang.With the whip of ecological tube guard Bai Matan, the head geese on the surface of the Eiling lake jumped from time to time.The patrols looked forward, and there was a clear lake in front of them, reflecting a little lonely shadow left by the blue sky and the head of the goose.

    Baima Ran is one of the rivers and lakes in Qu Malai County, Yushu Prefecture, Qinghai Province, and is also a native of the native."We have been spontaneously ride the grassland and rivers and lakes near the horse ride on horseback. After the pilot construction of the Sanjiangyuan National Park in Qinghai, it has become a formal 'ecological controller'." He said, 8 o'clock every morning at 8 o'clock in the morningRiver and lake patrol offers started a day of river patrol on the horse's back to see if there are damaged behaviors such as rivers and rivers and river fishing.

    The ecological status of Qinghai has prominent, and it has bred the three major rivers of the Yellow River, the Yangtze River, and Lancang River. It is an important ecological security barrier and important water source of my country's and even Asia.

    "Over the years, with the enhancement of ecological consciousness and the introduction of environmental protection measures, the water quality of the river and other rivers such as Tongtian River has become better and better." Bai Maxi said, "Now, more than 300 rivers and lakes we are in charge are clean.Like a mirror. "

    At present, there are 6,723 rivers and lakes in Qinghai, and they have devoted themselves to the management and protection cause of 3518 rivers and 242 lakes in the province to jointly guard the "China Water Tower".

    "Everyone we live here is to take care of the Sanjiang source like love to protect the eyes, making it more and more beautiful." Bai Matan said.

    Dongting Lake Father and Son Relay Championship: Smile to protect the porpoons

    The former fishing player He Daming, after rescing a pair of trapped porpoons, decided to "ashore" and use practical actions to protect the ecological environment of Dongting Lake.

    "I grew up in Dongting Lake since I was a child. I have seen many beautiful scenery in Dongting Lake.Some things are my dreams. "

    In the early morning, the sky was bright.The sound of "sudden" motor broke the tranquility of Dongting Lake. He Daming and He Dongshun's father and son began a day of lake patrol work.

    After graduating from college, He Dongshun resigned from Changsha, joined his father's team, returned to Dongting Lake, and continued to engage in ecological protection.

    Looking at the mountains and rivers in Dongting, a green snail in the silver plate.The second largest freshwater lake Dongting Lake in China is located in the middle of the Yangtze River. It is called the "kidney of the Yangtze River" because of its huge role in purifying the environment, regulating water levels, and maintaining ecological balance.

    Establish 13 natural reserves related to porpoons, covering 40%of the distributed waters of the species; Nanjing, Zhenjiang and Ma'anshan jointly build a multi -level multi -dimensional cross -administrative area porpoise protection system;Open the Tongling Freshylin Reserve to reduce the interference with the habitat of porpoons ... In recent years, under the guidance of the concept of "focusing on big protection and not engaging in major development", the ecology of the Yangtze River Basin has improved.Attach importance to effectively alleviating the trend of decreased decline.

    With the steady implementation of fishing in the Yangtze River for ten years, the total amount of fish resources in key waters in the Yangtze River Basin has resumed significantly, the population structure has been improved, and the frequency of rare and unique fish has increased.The level has improved.

    "When I have a child in the future, the ecology of Dongting Lake has also been fully recovered, so let the child do the research work of the biological diversity of Dongting Lake." He Dongshun said with a smile.

    New "carbon" cable for soil and water conservation: Ecological "getting rich"

    "make a deal!"

    With applause, on December 7, 2023, the carbon exchange transaction in my country was successfully sold well in China, and the value of soil and water conservation carbon exchange value was quantified as "real gold and silver".

    The carbon exchange project of this transaction is located in the small basin of Luohe River, Headian Town, Governor of Fujian.Practice has proved that the soil and water conservation projects have huge carbon exchange potential. Only the comprehensive management of the Luo Di River Basin alone has achieved a carbon exchange volume of 138,600 tons of carbon dioxide in 20 years. The carbon density increased from 14.68 tons per hectare to 34.62 tons, an increase of 135.83 %.

    Industry experts believe that the successful transaction of the carbon exchange project of the soil and water conservation is not only an affirmation of the "Changting Experience" of soil and soil loss governance, but also a small basin governance and improvement of regional comprehensive production capacity, providing more ecological products containing the function of soil and water conservation functions.The display of practical results is a bold exploration of the value of soil and water conservation carbon exchange and the establishment of the value of soil and water conservation ecological products.

    The deserted mountain becomes "Huaguo Mountain", and the villagers are picking bayberry, showing a happy smile.Photo by Zhang Liangzhen

    The current Changting is green, clear streams, green mountains, beautiful villages ... "After more than 20 years of soil and water loss treatment, the coverage of vegetation in Changting County is more than 85%." ChangtingCai Chunwang, an engineer of the county water and soil conservation monitoring station, said that thanks to the continuous results of the water and water conservation work, Changting has realized the beautiful change from "turbid water" to "green water and green mountains", becoming a flag of the governance of soil and soil loss in the country.miniature.

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