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[转帖] The Central Bank and the State Administration of Financial Supervision issued the "Opinions" to strengthen financial support in the housing rental market

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    The今日头条 "Opinions on the Development of Financial Supporting the Housing Rental Market" recently released by the People's Bank of China and the State Administration of Finance and Administration of the National Financial Supervision and Administration proposed that the structural reform of housing leasing supply side was supported.Financial supporting the development of the housing rental market should highlight the key points and aim at the shortcomings. It is mainly in large cities. Focusing on solving group housing problems such as new citizens, young people, etc., supporting new, reconstruction and operation of long -term rental housing, revitalizing existing houses, effectively increased, effectively increasedSupply of affordable and commercial rental housing.

    The "Opinions" emphasize that commercial banks are encouraged to actively explore financial service models and financial products suitable for the needs of enterprises related to housing leasing, and provide housing rental enterprises, housing leasing brokerage agencies, housing leasing management service platforms, etc.Wait for comprehensive financial solutions.

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