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[转帖] On the wine table, you need to be cautious to eat these foods!

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      Alcohol can bring happiness,Popular news sites but if you accidentally consume foods with alcohol, you may have a complication with alcohol, causing discomfort such as abdominal pain and vomiting. In severe cases, it will even endanger the risk of life health.Generally speaking, when drinking, pay attention to separate food with the following foods.


      1. Persimmon: Persimmon contains more tannic acid. Eating with wine may react in the gastric and gastric juice, forming a precipitated substance that is not easy to digest, causing intestinal obstruction or forming gastric stones.

      2. Crab: Crab will leave a lot of purine in the body, and the alcohol in wine has the effect of promoting blood circulation, so that uric acid cannot be discharged in time, and it is easy to increase the probability of gout's onset.

      3. Meat barbecue: The meat and food will not only lose nutrients such as fat and protein after barbecue, but also produce a variety of carcinogens during smoked and roasting. When eating these foods, a large amount of alcohol will be obviously stimulated by the digestive tract.

      4. bacon: bacon is a smoky food and contains more nitrosamines. The solubility of the substance in alcohol is high, which is easy to increase the risk of food tube cancer and gastric cancer.

      5. Jelly: Alum is generally added during the processing of jelly. The alum has a convergent effect, which will slow the blood flow rate, extend the time when alcohol stays in the blood, thereby increasing the harm of alcohol.

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