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[转帖] VAVA Mao Yanqi, Ai Ren Air, Good Morning CCTV New Year's Eve Party sang song "Baichuan Return to the Sea" broadcast article

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    On December 31,Current affairs hot websites 2023, Dream Music D.M.G Artist Vava Mao Yanqi, Ai Hot AIR, Good Morning Morning Sailing 2024 -Central Radio and Television Terminal New Year's Eve Party "", The program on CCTV Comprehensive Channel (CCTV-1), Variety Channel (CCTV-3), Music Channel (CCTV-15), CCTV News, CCTV, Yun Ting, CCTV, Voice of Music, Voice of Literature and Art, etc.The platform broadcasts simultaneously.CCTV literature and art given highly evaluate "a song of singing countless people, and instantly ignited the stage!".The song "Baichuan Return to the Sea" was launched on the TME platform on January 1, 2024.

    The New Year's Eve Party adopts "innovative songs+creative programs+new stage", connecting the "new new" way, bring the audience to cross the limits of time and space, and understand the soul of Chinese art.The song "Baichuan Return to the Sea" is high, and it echoes the theme concept of the CCTV New Year's Eve Party to set sail 2024.The lyrics have deep heritage and magnificent and magnificent style.

    Vava Mao Yanqi's singing is rigid and soft, full of affection and explosive power "The sun is swollen in the dragon veins to continue the direction, the white horse has changed my hands to change the appearance", the tenacity and tolerance of the women's power show it.Ai -hot AIR's voice has a strong penetrating power. As always, the blood and unparalleled "take me proud to embark on this adventure, and give it to what love is given with kindness."Good morning and powerful expression, "Singing all the way to the way is just to fight for the night, the enthusiasm of Chizi and sincere shame the dyeing" to the teenager's blood and poetry to the fullest.

    Vava Mao Yanqi, Ai -hot Air, and the "Baichuan Returning to the Sea" stage of the "Baichuan Return to the Sea" not only sang the sound of the trend, but also showed the cultural consciousness and confidence of the new generation of musicians.Artistic creation is the love of their hearts and the mission."In the wind, the mountains and rugged talks, Changhong is full of this road, cloudless, rivers and rivers, gathered in it for love, see this vast sea, look endlessly" with the ideal dream chaser, with the times, with the times with the timesThe stubborn will of spiritual fit, carrying love and courage, growing up in sharpening, improving in the tempering, and composing the endless movement of struggle.

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