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[转帖] Chasing snowflakes to see Xinjiang | "skating rinks" on campus, onlookers' fancy sports classes

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    Thereal time news website intersection news "Pay attention to your hand, pay attention to your posture, control ..." On December 20th, the "chasing snowflakes to see Xinjiang" all -media interview group entered the nine -year consistent school of ice and snow sports for more than 20 years -Urumqi County, XinjiangShuixigou Middle School.On the playground of the sun in the blue sky and the snowy mountains, the children are on the natural "skating rink" specialties.

    In the center of the playground, a group of 3-6 children have just experienced a intense ice hockey contest, and the heat and gas in their mouths turned into large group of white smoke.

    Whose ice hockey technology is the best?Facing the reporter's inquiries, everyone, you point me, I point him.Sixth -grade Dilizi said that it is particularly tired to be ice hockey, but also very happy, because love is happiness.

    "My biggest wish now is to choose the ice hockey team in school through hard work." Diliziti, who looks handsome, carefully said.

    Compared with the eloquent children, Ma Miaohan, the first grade, was a lot more astringent.She was sitting on the school's self -made ice sling with waste wooden tables and chairs, holding a cane with both hands, and moved forward hard.

    "This is the third time I took the Ice and Snow Class. It feels fun, but it is a little difficult, and my hand must seize the top one." She excitedly popularized the tips he had just explored with reporters.

    On the runway, a beautiful speed skating team was very eye -catching.The physical education teacher from the professional speed skating team, Ry Liang, is experiencing speed and passion with nearly 20 children."We first popularize the ice and snow classes at school, and then select children with good conditions and interested children to join the school team." Ye Liang told reporters that the children of the school team usually go to school in advance in the morning.Make full use, in addition, the morning on Sunday will be practiced.At present, several children in the team have achieved results, parents are also supported, and they are accompanied by training.

    Shen Guangming, Secretary of the Party Branch of Shuixigou Middle School, introduced that the school is a characteristic school of ice and snow sports in the national youth campus. He has transported a large number of professional speed skating athletes for the country and the autonomous region.At school, the children in the second grade started skating lessons. In the fourth grade, some students would be selected into the speed skating team. After training in the speed skating team for two or three years, they can choose to stay in the team or go to the ice hockey team, pattern, and patterns according to their interests.Skating team.

    Because it takes time to wear take -off shoes and change equipment. In order to allow children to play more for a while, the school not only merges two physical education courses together, but also adds one more physical education lesson every week.In summer, when there is no ice surface, children will continue to learn the roller skating classes of dry land to lay the foundation for winter ice and snow sports.

    "Children particularly like ice, and they are very happy that they are turning in the ice and snow lessons." Shen Guangming said that the ice and snow lessons not only cultivated the quality of the children's strong and hard work, but also taught them to unite and cooperate in the sports.This is not only a physical education class, but also a moral education class and aesthetic education class.

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