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[转帖] Russia's current supersonic strategic bomber diagram-160 has only 16 in total

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    Russia's current supersonic strategic bomber map-160 has only 16.For such a powerful bomber, if all Tu-160 take off at the same time, it will present a daunting scene.This bomber has the ability to carry a large number of weapons and ammunition, which can cause great damage to the enemy's goals.However, it is clear that this is just a hypothetical. In fact, Russia has not deployed all Tu-160s at the same place.

    Although the Tu-160 has a strong strategic strike capability, its decentralized deployment strategies make it not impact on the world even if all Tu-160 take off.This also reminds us that we need to be careful about hypothetical issues when analyzing military intelligence.In any case, the Tu-160, as part of the Russian military power, cannot be ignored.

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