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[转帖] Xiamen Enterprise AI visual model is filled by the country

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Xiamen Enterprise AI visual model is filled by the country

Xiamen emerging industries activate the development of new kinetic energy.

Xiamen Daily News(Reporter Zhang Haijun) At the end of the year, good news was developed.Xiamen emerging industrial enterprises such as Meitu, Xiamen Tianma, AUO Optoelectronics, Meizhu Industrial and Trade, and other Xiamen emerging industrial enterprises have actively acted to continuously expand their business scope, increase the amount of orders, and go to work at the front line.The posture of the gesture has taken a new step of high -quality development.

The only province

Meitu self -developed AI visual model passed the record

On January 2nd, Wang Huibin, Vice President of the Enterprise Meitu Company of Xiamen Torch High -tech Zone, shared a good news in the WeChat circle of friends: Meitu self -developed AI visual model Miraclevision (Smart Smart)"The record will be open to the public.

As of now, among the large domestic models that have been recorded, Xiangxiang Intelligence is the only big model that focuses on the field of vision and the only big model in Fujian Province.

The good news followed.On January 3rd, Wang Huibin shared with his friends the good news of the first batch of typical application scenarios in Fujian Province in Fujian Province.

No matter how strong technology is, there must be an application scenario for exhibition.Application scenarios are the specific implementation and value of technology.Only by applying technology to specific scenarios can we truly exert its value.Meitu is looking forward to its large visual model to create greater value.

The employees of Xiamen Tianma also gained good news at the beginning of the year: Following the successful achievement of KK mass production in June 2023, setting the industry's fastest mass production record, Xiamen Tianma Showing Technology Co., Ltd.'s sixth generation flexible AMOLED production line project welcomed againCome to a new milestone.At present, the project has successfully achieved mass production of HTD products and folding products.Among them, HTD products have entered the phase of production delivery, which will provide support for its core strategic customers and help its flagship mobile phone successfully start.

Order increase

The production line is full load and the output increases strongly year -on -year

Covering orders, grasping upgrades, and innovative products, the front line of Xiamen enterprises has come from the "good voice" of the New Year.

In the new year, with the excellent technical strength and product quality of the high -tech zone entrepreneurial, the high -tech zone has successfully opened up overseas markets, and has harvested many orders from Europe, America, Japan and South Korea.According to the relevant person in charge of the enterprise, at present, the company's various production lines are in a full -load operating state, and the output increases by about 10%year -on -year, showing a strong growth momentum.

With the rapid development of smart driving and new energy vehicles, the field of car display has become the focus of the industry's attention.AUO keeps keeping up with market demand and actively deploying the field of vehicle display, providing high -quality car display products for more than 300 models of the world's first -line car brands.These products have high technical content and are deeply trusted and praised by customers.

Meizuo Industry and Trade is a high -tech enterprise with main functional precision components, and it is also a supporting enterprise for top -looking enterprises such as Tianma Microelectronics and AUO Optoelectronics.Thanks to the rise of Xiamen tablet showing the rise of 100 billion industries, Meicang Industry and Trade also entered a stage of rapid development.Xu Bingyue, the general manager of the company, told reporters that in the past year, with the support of government departments at all levels of Xiamen, Meizhu Industrial and Trade has closely seized the opportunity of industrial structure adjustment and actively promoted the development of new materials, structural design, preparation technology, application, application, application, application, and applicationInnovation work in areas such as technology has successfully achieved a significant increase in annual output value, and won the title of "National Specialty New Little Giant Enterprise".

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