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[转帖] The two people in the two earthquake -stricken areas sent on the scene. At present, the basic life is guaranteed

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    When running out of the house,爆炸新闻 Wang Li couldn't care about wearing a shoe to wear a picture of the interviewees.

    Wang Li and her family were out of the night and did not dare to sleep all night.The outdoor was too cold, and they spent the night in the car.She told reporters that since the day of the day, rescue and supplies have begun. She and their family live in tents with electric blankets and hot water.Daily meals are mainly ramen and instant noodles.

    From the day of the day on the 19th, Wang Li and his family lived in the disaster relief tent.

    Wang Zhenzhen (pseudonym) was still woke up on the evening of December 18.Wang Zhenzhen lives with her husband and the elderly in Haidong Minhe County, Qinghai.The earthquake is located in the junction of Gansu and Qinghai. The epicenter was 5 kilometers away from the Qinghai Provincial Borders.

    "I woke up and heard that the hanger was shaking, and the door of the drum washing machine opened. I live in the county building. Maybe it may be better. After we spent the night outside, we went home yesterday.The self -built houses in the countryside are more damaged, and many of them have become dangerous houses. "Wang Zhenzhen told Xinmin Weekly.

    Rural self -built houses are seriously damaged

    Wang Zhenzhen said that the lives of residents in the county seat are basically normal.During the day on the 19th, she saw from the window at home that a number of vehicles containing disaster relief materials went through the highway outside the county to go to the most affected villages.

    During the day on the 19th, the disaster relief vehicle went to the people in the direction of the people in Zhongchuan Township and the county.

    Zhongchuan Township, Minhe County is closer to the earthquake.According to CCTV News, Jingshang Village and Caotan Village of Nakagawa Township triggered the land of land. The two villages were surrounded by mud, 20 people lost contact, and rescue continued.

    Jintian Village is one of the most serious places in the Qinghai Earthquake Area. Source: Xinhua News Agency

    Wang Zhenzhen sent a picture of her friends living in Zhongchuan Township.It can be seen in the photo that the impact of the earthquake has been borrowed by a wolf at home.

    Interviewees in the home of the residents of Zhongchuan Township, Qinghai Haidong and County

    According to Xinhua News Agency, Chen Gang, secretary of the Qinghai Provincial Party Committee, said at the disaster relief site in Zhongchuan Township on the 19th: "Is there any problem with the people to eat? Is there any problem with the elderly at home, and all the problems should be reported in time.The long -term has arrived at the scene, and the power of the whole province is trying to save the people. "

    Chen Gang, Secretary of the Qinghai Provincial Party Committee Chen Gang on the 19th at the disaster relief site of Zhongchuan Township Source: Xinhua News Agency

    In terms of supplies in the disaster area, according to Xinhua News Agency, according to the State Food and Material Reserve and COFCO Group, the current level of rice noodle oil in the 6.2 magnitude earthquake area in Jishi Mountain in Gansu is sufficient, and the market price is stable.

    On the evening of the 19th, the State Food and Material Reserve Bureau introduced that the State Food and Material Reserve Bureau has organized 4 reserve warehouses including the Central Disaster Rescue Materials Lanzhou Reserve Library, and the emergency transfer of 111,500 central disaster relief supplies to support Gansu and Qinghai to do a good job of temporary affected people.Positioning and living assistance.Specific monitoring shows that the current price of grain and beef and mutton in the earthquake -stricken area is basically stable.

    On the 19th, COFCO launched the emergency guarantee and response mechanism to investigate the inventory and production capacity of rice noodles and water, milk, canned food such as Gansu and Sichuan, Qinghai and other places.There are sufficient production capacity and inventory, the local market sales price is stable, and the supply of people's biological supplies is orderly.

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